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Background Information

I love reddit and I love the subreddit IAmA. I want to improve the experience for the reader of this fine sub reddit. My goal is to convert a completed IAmA and reformat it to look more like a magazine Q&A interviewed by the Reddit community.

Tips & Tricks

I added a handy way to link a real Reddit IAmA to this site. Let's say the reddit link looks something like this:


The red text is the hash reddit uses to indentify the article. Top IAmA will also recognize that hash and automatically redirect you to the archived/readable version at the following url:


Sergio used this functionality to release a userscript that will automatically generate links to Top IAmA while browsing Reddit!

Is this legal?

I'm not entirely sure. I have contacted the folks at Reddit to see if this site can remain active or not. If you'd like to get in contact with me, then please do.

How does this site work?

This site works by scanning the top weekly IAmA's on Reddit. Any new submission to reach "top weekly" status will automatically get archived. The only exception is when the user who submitted the article has deleted his or her account.

How accurate is this? Does it collect all questions?

Top IAmA is currently geared towards collecting most, if not all, "popular" questions with an answer.

As you know, the format in which questions are answered can vary greatly. Due to this variation, it is extremely difficult to be able to correctly grab all questions and answers with 100% accuracy. Having said that, I am sure there is room for improvement.

Who created this?

My name is Brant Tedeschi, and I am an independent web developer and entrepreneur living in the greater NYC area. I am also a fellow Redditor. I have a passion for technology and the web. I currently run my own company called FantasySP. If you like fantasy sports and looking for an edge, then give it a look.

Future Plans for Top IAmA?

Absolutely. Some have already been added based on your feedback. If you have suggestions then please get in touch with me. Here are some changes since the site launched:

  • Support for threaded questions and comments (user request)
  • Improved accuracy for question and comment collection
  • Increased the depth in which comment threads are scanned
  • Added an RSS feed (user request)
  • Comment links are now collected so the user can go to the original Reddit thread (user request)
  • Various CSS tweaks and font changes
  • Support for categories and navigation
  • Navigation is now fixed up top
  • Implemented instantclick.io for speedier navigation
  • Upcoming Spring/Summer 2014: new responsive layout