Top Reddit IAmA's The latest IAmA's collected from Reddit ScienceIAM Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek's "Uhura", who last month flew onboard NASA SOFIA. I'm joined by SOFIA Staff Scientist Dr. Helton to talk about the flight, the SOFIA telescope, and it's mission in the stratosphere. Hello Reddit.

I’m Nichelle Nichols, some of you may know me best as Lt. Uhura from Star Trek, the Original Series. A couple months back, I had an amazing time hosting an Ask Me Anything here on Reddit. I loved the response it got, it’s so much fun to be able to talk to so many of you so quickly!

During that AMA, I announced that I was invited to fly onboard NASA SOFIA. (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) The response was huge! You folks, and others, had so many questions, and a lot of excitement. Now that the flight itself is behind me, I wanted to do another AMA, this time focused on SOFIA, the flight, the telescope, and its mission in the stratosphere, including the Ambassador program that sent me up there!

Do you want to experience what it’s like to be on SOFIA? You can watch an interactive 360-degree video shot on SOFIA and in the NASA briefings, with a VIP pass. Through StarPower, I’m raising funds for The Planetary Society and the Technology Access Foundation, two amazing causes that help make our future in space more bright.

To answer questions alongside me, I am joined by two amazing NASA people, together posting from /u/NASASOFIA. SOFIA Staff Scientist Dr. Helton will be fielding the technical questions, while NASA Ames Outreach Coordinator Kassandra Bell and I talk about the Ambassador outreach program and education.

So, Reddit, Ask (Us) Anything! We’ll be here for about an hour.

Proof: of me

Of Dr. Helton: listed here.

Edit: Hailing frequencies are now closing! I'm off for a lunch appointment, but Dr. Helton and I will pop in later to answer some top rated questions.

Wed, 07 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
BusinessWe are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, but you probably know us as the Winklevii. We are here to talk about Gemini (, our new bitcoin exchange. AMA, or rather AUA! We first learned about Bitcoin in 2012. Perhaps where you'd least expect -- on an island off the coast of Spain in the middle of August -- IBIZA. Our first impression was that this was either going to be really big or a complete zero. We were immediately taken in by Bitcoin's elegance and enormous promise, and as we started to learn more, we became convinced that Bitcoin was the future of money. We began buying bitcoin, but quickly realized that there was no safe and easy way to buy and sell bitcoin in the US! So, a year and a half ago, we decided to do something about it. We began assembling a team of top engineers to build Gemini -- a next generation bitcoin exchange. This past Monday, Gemini opened its doors to the world. We are super excited for Gemini's journey ahead and look forward to sharing it with you. Please AMA, or rather AUA!



EDIT: Thank you Reddit for the interest in our story and hearing what we have to say. It's been a lot of fun answering questions. It's certainly and honor and flattered to be here. We appreciate the fact that you're taking time to learn more about us as people and entrepreneurs and about Gemini. We're working hard to build the next thing, which is Gemini, and super passionate about making sure that Bitcoin reaches its full potential.

Wed, 07 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
OtherWe are Carlsberg, we are working on wood fibre beer bottles and we are trying to be as sustainable as possible. Ask us anything! How are we going to make the world’s first fully biodegradable wood fibre beer bottle and what difference does it make?

As part of Carlsberg's sustainability campaign 'Cheers to green ideas', we are here to offer as much insight and transparency as possible to how sustainability initiatives work at Carlsberg.

The campaign offers a prize of up to $20,000 for the best idea, that helps Carlsberg be more sustainable.

We all live in a world with finite resources, so we have to choose the most sustainable solutions and be smart about how we can recycle.

We are

Simon Boas Sustainability Director in Carlsberg Group

  • Making sustainable business good business, and thereby increase the likelihood that companies embrace sustainable innovations that contribute to smarter, better and more sustainable products being offered to consumers across the world.

Solvej Karlshøj Christiansen Project Director in Sustainia

  • Working together with a global community of sustainability geeks to identify and communicate sustainable solutions, from around the world. It’s pretty awesome.

Kristian Søllner Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at EcoXpac

  • I am a Mechanical Engineer with specialization in energy systems. I’m currently focusing on R&D management and knowledge collection, and I am overly excited to be a part of the development of a sustainable future.

Ask us anything about big corporate sustainable workflows, what our experiences are and the Cheers To Green Ideas campaign.

We are excited and gathered at Carlsberg HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark and we will answer whatever questions you might have for the following for two hours. Ask away!


EDIT: Thank you so much for your curious, fun and educated questions! In the two hours we been at it, we haven't had a dull moment. This probably won't be the last AMA we do and we might pop in over the next few days to check for new questions.

And remember to check out our current campaign: Cheers To Green Ideas campaign.

Wed, 07 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
AuthorI am author and Executive Editor David Wong, I've written a new novel called Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits to make you fall in love with reading again, AMA EDIT: Okay I think I answered 175 questions over the course of seven hours, I have to go do the other work I was neglecting all day, thanks for the excellent questions, very very few of them were just insults with question marks glued to the end.

You can buy the book pretty much anywhere they sell books, other than like grocery stores and stuff:


Wed, 07 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceMove over, Hollywood. We are Roberto Furfaro and Gene Giacomelli, the NASA-funded scientists who built the REAL "The Martian" food-growing system. We are technical co-principal investigators on the NASA-funded project, started in 2009, whereby we and our team have built a fully functional lunar and Martian greenhouse. A live web-cam feed of our system is viewable here:

Gene Giacomelli is a University of Arizona professor, and the director of the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He received a Ph.D. in Horticultural Engineering from Rutgers University in 1983.

Roberto Furfaro is a University of Arizona assistant professor, and the director of the Space Systems Engineering Lab on campus. He received a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the UA in 2004.

Update: (12:15 MST / 3:15 p.m. EST) Signing off! Sorry we couldn’t get to everyone, but there were many similar questions asked throughout the AMA. Please read through the whole thread to see if your question was already answered. Thank you for all of your great questions!

Usernames being used for AMA: genegiacomelli robertofurfaro

Proof: Gene Giacomelli Selfie

University Profile

Roberto Furfaro Selfie

University Profile

Tue, 06 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyI am Syed Karim, founder and CEO of Outernet. We broadcast free data from space so that people without Internet can access great content, like Wikipedia, ebooks, and videos. AMA My short bio: I founded Outernet, which is a free-to-receive broadcast data service. Our goal is to provide a basic level of news, information, and education to all of humanity, regardless of income, infrastructure or geography. I previously worked at an investment fund ( that supports media entrepreneurs in emerging and frontier markets. Before that, I helped build digital things at WBEZ/Chicago Public Media. And I dropped out of library school.

My Proof: (below the image)

Hi Everyone. I'll be calling it quits pretty soon, but feel free to add questions. I'll be checking all evening and night.

Tue, 06 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
ScienceWe’re NASA’s Real Martians, working to send humans to the Red Planet. Ask us anything about Mars. The film “The Martian” takes the work NASA and others have done exploring Mars and extends it into the future-- set in the 2030s-- when NASA astronauts are regularly traveling to Mars and living on the surface. Fiction mirrors reality. Right now NASA is working on the capabilities needed to send humans to the Red Planet. NASA Mars experts are here to answer your question about the realism of the movie plus NASA's journey to Mars!

Update: (12 p.m. PT / 3 p.m ET) Thank you for all of your great questions. Sorry we couldn’t get to everyone, but there were many similar questions asked throughout the AMA. Please read through the whole thread to see if your question was already answered. We will check back for the next couple of days and answer more as possible, but that’s all the time our Mars experts have today.

Participants will initial their replies:

  • Michael Meyer, Lead Scientist, NASA’s Mars Exploration Program
  • Todd May, Deputy Center Director for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Brian Muirhead, JPL Chief Engineer and former Project Manager of Pathfinder


Real Martians Feature:

Proof pic:

Mon, 05 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
Actor / EntertainerIamA Singer/songwriter-Actor, Emily Kinney! AMA! Zombie killer, songwriter, theatre nerd.

Hi everybody! Emily Kinney here! My new LP "This is War" came out on Friday. Really looking forward to answering your questions!


Edit: Thanks so much for your questions. I had a blast. Hope you'll check out my album here : And follow me on twitter/instagram: @emmykinney

Hope to do this again soon....have a great week!!! xoxoxo

Mon, 05 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistI am Tom Junod, Writer at Large for Esquire. I wrote “The Falling Man.” Ask me anything. I am Tom Junod, Writer at Large for Esquire. I wrote “The Falling Man,” about that photograph of a man falling from the World Trade Center on 9/11 that became taboo soon after it was published. Today, we've released a new podcast about the story hosted by David Brancaccio from public radio’s Marketplace and PBS’ NOW. It's been great talking about it, and other matters, including Donald Trump, here. Thanks for asking me anything and everything.

Esquire Classic Podcast: The Falling Man, Ep 1.


Mon, 05 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
Newsworthy EventI am Don Knight, one of the pro bono defense attorneys for Richard Glossip, AMA I have 33 years of experience in criminal defense, with the last 15 years doing death penalty work.

Oklahoma is preparing to execute an innocent man named Richard Glossip that I know there have been many discussions here on Reddit about.

If you're interested in learning more, Ian Woods of Sky News is doing a serial podcast about Richard Glossip and his quest for exoneration.

We got 250,000 signatures on a moveon petition; that was nice, but we didn't get anything for it. How does social media (chiefly, Reddit) drive this?

Right now we have an indefinite stay of execution and I'm worried about this case withering on the vine. How do we keep it in the public eye?

I'm here at the Reddit HQ in SF with u/kn0thing who is showing me around the site and helping me with this AMA. Proof:

Edit: I'm going to go talk with some big shot tech moguls (or I'm sure they think of themselves that way) here at Reddit HQ, but I'll answer another few more questions when it wraps up! Thank you very much.

Mon, 05 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
BusinessI am the founder and CEO of a fitness beer company. AMA! My name is Blake Konrardy, and I founded Supplemental Brewing, a company that makes fitness-focus beers fortified with protein. The idea came to me after spending far too many Friday evenings double-fisting a protein shake and a beer after my workout (it's gross, don't try it). I turned down attending Harvard Law School to pursue something I was truly passionate about. We'll see how it works out!


Happy to answer any and all questions about beer, fitness, starting a business, or whatever else is on your mind!



Sun, 04 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
OtherIamA a semi truck driver in the USA, AMA! So I'm at home for the moment while I look for a new company, so I'm here to answer any questions you might have about the job, industry lifestyle etc. Feel free to ask me anything, Proof will be submitted to the mods. So if there was anything you ever wanted to know about us now is the time to ask!

Edit: Screw it, I'll be up for a bit longer, keep it coming! Edit2: ok guys, I'm out. Thanks for being amazing!

Sat, 03 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
OtherHi! I’m Lyric Benson Fergusson. At age 5 I co-starred in a movie w/ Burt Reynolds & Robby Benson (my dad). As a teen I was the director’s assistant on TV sitcoms e.g. Ellen. At 22 I became a “professional celibate yogi-monk” for 8yrs, whe My short bio: Hi Reddit! My name is Lyric Benson Fergusson and I am 32 years old. I most recently lived as a “professional celibate yogi-monk” where I practiced meditation for 8 to 10hrs/ day for 8 years (I still meditate 3hrs/ day).

Before that I grew up in Hollywood with parents Robby Benson [the Beast in Disney's Beauty & the Beast, 1970s actor (Ice Castles etc), director of Friends & Ellen] & Karla DeVito (who sang with Meatloaf). At age 5 I co-starred in a movie with Burt Reynolds called Modern Love. Then I was my dad’s director’s assistant on many TV sitcoms such as Ellen (starring Ellen DeGeneres).

I was in college at New York University studying screenwriting during the attacks of 9/11 and lost a dear family friend in one of the towers. A few years later I witnessed a murder of a close friend. These life-changing events helped me to seek spirituality—and cemented my decision to live as a professional yogi-monk and experience a profound inner peace within all of life’s circumstances.

As a yogi, I was apart of a "Coherence Creating Group" for world peace called The Mother Divine Program for 3 years, then lived reclusively on my own in various places for another 5 years (still meditating 8 to 10hrs/ day).

In 2011 I wrote a spiritual rock’n’roll album with my dad attempting to express the power and intimacy of the Self (“higher self”) in music. I am also the co-ordinator for helping the Global Alliance For Transformational Entertainment NextGen which was founded by John Raatz, Jim Carrey and Eckhart Tolle.

Lastly, I've written a mystic poetry book called French Kissing God which is based on my spiritual experiences from when I was a yogi. I now live in Hawaii with my husband and am happily married. AMA!


* Me with a sign

* Facebook

* My IMDb profile

Proof that I was the director’s assistant on many sitcoms:

* Sign from director Robby Benson

Proof I was a celibate yogi-monk:

* The launch page of my book

* Pic of me meditating

* Sign from my dad

Proof I am a spiritual singer/songwriter

* Pic of Charlie Sheen Tweeting My Album

* My album website

Other pics

* My dad as the Beast

* My mom singing with Meatloaf on the Bat out of Hell tour

* Recent wedding pic (with my husband & parents)

I’ll be online all day so AMA! :) <3



EDIT #2: I'm taking a meditation break haha! Be back in about 1 hour (11pm EST). Keep the questions coming - this is really fun for me! <3

EDIT #3: I'm back for another few hours. Ask me anything! :)

EDIT #4: Thank you all so much for your beautiful questions. I have to go pick up my parents at the airport now but would love to continue the conversation tomorrow morning. It's now 1:54am EST.

Sat, 03 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
MusicIamA Jim Loughlin, multi-instrumentalist / percussion extraordinaire for the jamband moe., AMA! My short bio:

I am moe.'s multi-instrumentalist / resident geek. We will be playing a Star War's Themed Halloween show at Philly's new venue, The Fillmore Philadelphia, as well as several other dates in the Northeast this Fall. We'd love for you to come rage with us:

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jim:

I started as a bass player when I was 13 yrs old, and didn’t start playing vibraphone until I was 34 I’m a big World of Warcraft player I’m the youngest of 6 boys I got shot in the head by an arrow on the opening day of Return of the Jedi I re-read Lord of the Rings at least once a year

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the questions! Look forward to seeing you all this fall!

My Proof: Imgur

Sat, 03 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistJames "Whitey" Bulger tried to murder me. I am Howie Carr, the journalist who helped expose Whitey Bulger, the mob boss played by Johnny Depp in Black Mass. I am the New York Times best-selling author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman, which chronicle Boston mobsters, dirty lawmen and corrupt politicians. I am a columnist for the Boston Herald and I host a radio show that is broadcast on more than 25 stations throughout New England.

My latest book, Killers, is a novel that explores the post-Whitey Boston underworld. It's a page-turner for people who like crime thrillers. The anti- hero Bench McCarthy is a stone cold killer.


Wow, front page, thanks everyone!

Still waiting for Bernie Sanders, the God Father of Reddit, to have the courage to come on my show. I will post audio if/when Bernie has the courage talk with me.

Fri, 02 Oct 2015 0:00:00 EDT