Top Reddit IAmA's The latest IAmA's collected from Reddit MilitaryIamA 90 year old coal miner and WW2 and Korean War Navy veteran who was at Okinawa and participated in the Bikina Atoll nuclear testing AMA! I'm his grandson and will be fielding the questions. He grew up in coal country Pennsylvania then served in the Pacific on a transport ship where he saw kamikaze attacks, gas attacks screens and mass Japanese suicides. The ship was named the USS George Clymer. He was all over the Pacific including the Hawaiian Islands, the Philippines, Okinawa, Leyte, New Zealand, Guam, Japan. Aboard ship he worked in personnel, boxed and was a cartoonist. He then participated in Operation Crossroads in 1946 which was part of the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests.

I'll be fielding questions for as long as you guys are interested.


ACTUAL PROOF (with date):

EDIT: The interest so far is awesome. Thanks guys. Keep in mind that at his age some of the dates or places may be mixed up. I'm trying to catch what I can. Also, for anyone interested, he has written a memoir about his wartime days which I plan on putting up as a website and possibly a physical copy soon with pictures and his cartoons.

EDIT2: Big edit. During the Korean War, he was actually stateside at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. I always thought he didn't go overseas to Korea but this morning he said he did. Turns out he thought I was talking about WW2 still and mixed them up. He was in the military during the Korean War but only overseas during WW2 . Apologies!

EDIT3: Also, I realize I spelled Bikini Atoll wrong in the title.

EDIT4: The response to this has been incredible. He enjoyed it and I'm tremendously grateful there's this much interest in his story. Thank you all. I love Reddit. We're winding down for now. I'll try to keep up with additional questions later.

EDIT5: I should have caught this earlier but the gas attacks were not from the Japanese. It was from the United States who used the gas as a screen to hide the ships.

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AuthorI am Joe Kelly, Man of Action, writer of I Kill Giants, Deadpool, Spider-Man + Deadpool, co-creator of Ben 10, Generator Rex, writer and producer AMA! Co-Founder of Man of Action Entertainment - creators of Ben 10, Generator Rex and the characters and team of Big Hero 6. Writer and producer of comics and animation for almost 20 years.

Writing and directing "Poughkeepsie", a short film funding now on Kickstarter. It's about a dying Alzheimer's patient who discovers the ability to move through his memories and change his life. Can he save his daughter who died too young before his time is up? The campaign is here - we're at 30% funded - please check it out when you get a chance!:

Ask me anything!

My Proof:

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JournalistWe are investigating the tragedy of Canada’s untold missing and murdered indigenous women. Ask us anything Hello, I'm Kathryn Blaze Baum, The Globe and Mail’s beat reporter dedicated to covering the issue of Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women. Over the past 15 months, I have traveled to Winnipeg, Edmonton, Regina, Ottawa and remote First Nation communities such as Manitoba’s Garden Hill and Pinaymootang in search of compelling stories and answers to some of the big questions: What renders indigenous women so vulnerable? Who is perpetrating these crimes? What are police, governments and indigenous leaders doing about it? I have sat with grieving families who are still searching for those answers, and more – many cases remain unsolved, including that of Tina Fontaine, the 15-year-old Sagkeeng First Nation teen whose 2014 death reignited calls for a national inquiry into the violence.

My colleague, Matthew McClearn, is a Globe data journalist who has been spearheading The Globe's months-long effort to compile and vet a database of homicide and missing-person cases involving indigenous women. We started digging into how serial killing fits into the broader tragedy of Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women about six months ago. Matthew obtained and crunched data from an American researcher, allowing The Globe to determine just how over-represented indigenous women are among Canada’s female serial-homicide victims.

Our analysis revealed aboriginal women are roughly seven times more likely to die at the hands of a serial killer than non-aboriginal women. ( The investigation also found that at least 18 indigenous women were slain by convicted serial killers since 1980. To illuminate the human element of all this, we recently launched The Taken, a multimedia project that traces the lives of five indigenous women slain by different serial killers. (

We are here from 2-3 p.m. ET and are ready for your questions.

Social media proof:

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Actor / EntertainerHello Reddit, I'm Walter Koenig, best known for my role as Pavel Chekov in the original Star Trek, and Alfred Bester in the Babylon 5 series. I'm making my final appearance as Chekov in the upcoming Star Trek: Renegades. AMA! Hello Reddit, I'm Walter. Fans of Star Trek will recognize me as one of the cast members from "Star Trek, the Original Series" and the many movies that followed. Since then, I've acted in other films and TV shows, taught classes in acting, directed plays, wrote books, and gotten involved in some charitable work.

My character is coming back for one final appearance in Star Trek: Renegades Episode 2. We're over 2/3 of the way to having it funded on Kickstarter. Support the show here.

If you missed the first Renegades, it is a fan-created Star Trek series featuring original Trek actors and characters. It's an interesting time with the recent announcement of a new, online-only CBS produced Star Trek series. So, Reddit, ask me anything.

I'll be answering between 11 and 12am PST.

My Proof:

Well, I've got to sign off for today. First of all, I have very much enjoyed speaking with you all on this level. It's been very pleasant experience for me, and I'm happy that I was asked. Second of all, there's no denying that the purpose for starting this conversation at this time is to promote Renegades. Those of you who of a mind to help see this happen, please learn more about the project here.

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AthleteI am professional poker star Daniel Negreanu here to take your questions! Thanks guys that was fun! Time to head to the ACC to watch the Raptors take on Lebron and the Cavs.

"KidPoker" will premiere on December 1st @ 8:30 pmET on TSN4


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Specialized ProfessionI am James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog and co-host of Brew Dogs. AMA! Yo Reddit!

James Watt here and I’ll be taking your questions for as long as I can - looking forward to a kickass AMA!

About me: I’m the co-founder of the UK’s leading craft beer brewery BrewDog and co-host of Brew Dogs on Esquire in the States. We export to 55 countries worldwide and have 38 bars across the planet too – so you may have seen us around!

BrewDog is currently smashing all sorts of crowdfunding records with Equity for Punks (we recently hit £12m raised since April 2015!) and will soon be opening an ace new brewery in Columbus, Ohio! I also released my first book, Business for Punks last month.

Verification -

Update: That's a wrap! Thanks for all your awesome questions guys, walk tall, kick ass and drink great craft beer!

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Specialized ProfessionI am Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari, and I've won $26 million playing poker. AMA! Hello everyone! I’m Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari. My first career was as a magician, and then I moved to playing professional poker. I have 2 World Poker championships and 3 World Series of Poker bracelets, plus $26 million in lifetime winnings including the largest cash prize in the history of poker of $18 million. I'm also excited to have my poker playing and my life profiled in my very own episode of "Pokerography" which will premiere on Poker Central TV on Sunday, November 29th at 8 PM EST.

Watch the trailer here:

Where to watch Poker Central:


I’ll be getting started at 9 PM EST. Ask away!

EDIT: I'm done for the night. Thanks for all of the questions. Be sure to tune in to Pokerography this Sunday at 8 PM EST.

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AcademicI'm Jessamyn West, a famous librarian. AMA! My short bio: I'm an activist librarian and early library blogger. I work for Open Library at the Internet Archive. I used to manage the community at for almost a decade. I'm a second generation technologist, my dad ran the project that became the book Soul of a New Machine. I live in rural Vermont, teach an HTML class at the local tech school and do basic technology instruction.

A few other links....

My Proof

This has been great fun and we'll try to do it again soon but the sun is setting and I have to actually go to the big blue room for a bit. Thanks so much for all your questions

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BusinessI’m The Real Ron Popeil , inventor, TV marketer, businessman - but you can call me Ron. Good morning Reddit!

I’m The Real Ron Popeil. Although my friends, family, fans and even the TMZ paparazzi that cornered me the other night always call me Ron. So, please just call me Ron.

I started selling kitchen products at a flea market in Chicago when I was just a kid. Selling products at the flea market meant security. Making money was survival for a poor kid like me. Then, I sold products at a Five and Dime Store as well as State and County Fairs. The rest they say is history as now I am well-known for helping to invent the Infomercial Business and for selling my inventions on TV. I sold about 8 million Showtime Rotisseries on TV and made the phrase, “Set it and Forget it” a household phrase.

You might also remember my other products I’ve created and marketed such as Mr. Microphone (“Hey Good Looking I’ll be back to pick you up later!”), the Buttoneer (“The problems with buttons is they always fall off!”), Mr. Dentist (the first marketed household electric toothbrush) the Ronco Food Dehydrator (that made banana chips and beef jerky), GLH (“Hair in a Can”), the Ronco Electric Pasta Maker, the Smokeless Ashtray, the Inside the Eggshell Egg Scrambler, the CleanAire Machine, the Ronco Seal-A-Meal, the Bedazzler (Rhinestone & Stud Setter), the Auto-Cup and don’t forget the Pocket Fisherman.

Wow, I’m exhausted just thinking about all these products and these are just some of a long list. “But, WAIT THERE’S MORE”! My latest and greatest invention took me 14 long years to invent. It’s called the 5in1 Fryer & Food Cooking System and it fries a 15 lb. whole turkey in only 46 minutes and the fryer is SMALLER than the turkey. And, that’s part of the invention. It also Steams, Boils and Bakes.

You can see my new Infomercial at

In the meantime, let’s get started and “Ask me Anything”!

Proof: Twitter Facebook

Recap: Well I had lots of fun. I really love talking to people and answering their questions. I think we may do another AMA in 2016. For those of you who are driven, I'll end with the phrase, "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today". Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to make some fried chicken. Thanks again everyone for participating.

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Actor / EntertainerI am Skyler Samuels and I star in "Scream Queens"! Ask my Anything! I Play Grace Gardner, a freshman who decides to pledge Kappa Kappa Tau on a college campus tormented by a serial killer. Highly independent, Grace takes on much of the detective work to figure out who is wearing the Red Devil mask and to find the killer once and for all.

“Scream Queens” airs Tuesdays on Fox at 9/8c.



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BusinessWe create the names of paint colors for a living - we've recently named over 500 colors and have named paint colors for many brands you have used in your home. Ask us anything! Have you ever wanted to name a paint color? We choose paint color names for a living! We saw an IAMA Request from /u/PoorlyAttired in this subreddit who wanted someone who names paint colors - That's us! We are PPG Voice of Color and we recently named more than 500 paint colors for our PPG Paints collection and have named paint colors for many brands you may have used in your own home – brands such as Olympic, Glidden, PPG Paints – and more! With more than 20 years in the paint industry, this activity is one of the most fun and agonizing jobs we've had! Want to know how we do it? Ask away! Our identities:

Dee Schlotter - Senior Color Marketing Manager, PPG Architectural Coatings

Misty Yeomans - Color Marketing Manager, PPG Architectural Coatings


Twitter post showing us:

Link to our Voice Of Color site where you can view many of the paint colors we are going to talk about:

Facebook post from our company account:


SIGNING OFF: Thank you so much to everyone that came. We are blown away by the response and had a great time answering your questions about paint colors and how we choose the right names for colors. We're definitely going to be involving Reddit again when we choose the names for new paint colors - so stay tuned and please come visit us at our social networking sites. Thank you again to poster /u/PoorlyAttired for the initial request - This was so much fun!

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BusinessMy name is Penny Redshaw and I draw motivating giraffes for a living – AMA! Hi guys :)

I’m Penny, 22, living in Australia. Early last year while struggling through my university degree, I created this account as a novelty account, inspired by the work of both /u/Shitty_Watercolour and /u/Poem_for_your_sprog (both very lovely people, by the way!). Mostly I wanted to do something nice and encouraging for people, when the world is mostly the opposite of that.

Through the support of my friends and family and the amazing people on the internet, this project has exploded further than my wildest dreams could ever have imagined, beyond the realms of the internet and creating a whole lot of real-world opportunities. The second self-published coffee-table style book (a collection of giraffes) is available from today, and illustrating has now somehow become my main source of income. I’ve just graduated and, for the moment, am pursuing this as a full time project.


The new book:

Reddit’s Upvoted podcast:

The subreddit with all of the giraffes: /r/motivatinggiraffe

Ask me anything about illustrating, giraffes, self-publishing, my overuse of smiley faces, or anything else!

Edit: I'm really sorry but I can't respond to requests at the moment, I'm pretty busy packaging books etc while answering questions - but thank you!!

Mon, 23 Nov 2015 0:00:00 EDT
MedicalIamA girl who was born with short lil T-Rex arms... and I just moved by myself to NYC AMA! My short bio: Hi again, reddit. My name is Erin. I did an AmA a few months ago about my condition (I was born with a fairly rare skeletal disorder called radial club hands), and I thought I'd update people about what I'm doing. In the intervening time I have moved to NYC. I've always been practical about my appearance, and I'm extremely thick skinned, but moving to such an image conscious and beautiful place is really challenging. I'd love to talk about the transition and how it's gotten me to thinking about our shared human uniqueness (a bit of an oxymoron). Hi! Sorry for the low talker voice! I'm getting over a cold.

EDIT: Wow! guys, I'm sorry. I uploaded a video that didn't show my arms by accident. Whoops. I made two videos and I guess I uploaded the one without the arm money shot. I've attached a full body pic that shows my arms too. Sorry about that! My Proof:Linky! Full body pic MORE CLEAR SWIM PIC

P.S. Here is the original thread for those who are curious, though I'd be happy to just answer any questions.


EDIT: Thank you everyone! Sincerely. The conversation tonight has been amazing and just what I needed. I'm happy to talk to so many interesting people, and to talk to people like myself. I'm sorry, but I do have to go to bed now. I'm crashing and I could use a shoulder massage like nobodies business! I promise I'll answer any questions that I've missed tomorrow. But thank you everyone. Goodnight/good morning/good day. <3 <3 <3

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Tourism[AMA] I Set the Hotel Room Rates for the Las Vegas Strip...Ask me how to snag a deal or AMA! Hi there,

I recently just left a job in revenue management with a large hotel/casino/entertainment company here in Las Vegas that has multiple properties on The Strip. Each property averaged from 2,000 to over 5,000 rooms!

My main job was to set the hotel room rates at these properties to ensure we maximized revenues.

I also worked with marketing departments to create promotions (the "Book Now and Get 20% Off + $50 F&B Credit!"), the casino departments for setting comp rates, hotel operations, and online travel agents (Expedia, Orbitz, etc).

To Get the best deal on a hotel room in Vegas, try this:

  • Google your hotel name and then "Promo code" (i.e. "Caesars Palace promo code")
  • No luck? Try the hotels Facebook page or Twitter accounts.
  • Book directly though the hotels website! BOOK DIRECT! BOOK DIRECT!
  • Use your players card anywhere and everywhere it's accepted.
  • Be nice to the staff when checking in and during stay - seriously. We keep comments about you.
  • Keep in mind we have resort fees for every hotel on the strip. Revenue Management loves them, everyone hates them.

Fun Fact, we make mistakes sometimes.

My Proof: plus verification from the Mods.

So, Ask Me Anything!

EDIT: Im following a recipe from r/slowcooking so I got plenty of time. Keep em coming.

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OtherIamA Crisis Line Operator AMA! I have been a volunteer Crisis Line Operator since last December. I take calls from people with mental illness, people in crisis and just about anything you can think of.

My Proof: This is the login page of my CL page that allows me to manage call sheets, sign up for shifts, etc.

Sun, 22 Nov 2015 0:00:00 EDT