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Tue, 30 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I am finished riding a bicycle solo across Africa, sleeping in the wild and conquering some of my deepest fears but one year on, I have now reached the Pyramids of Egypt AMA Last year I started cycling North of Cape Town in South Africa with a dream of cycling alone across the Continent. Since taking part in an AMA near the beginning of the trip (Dec 2013) - I since have cycled 12,000km from Cape Town to Cairo, Egypt entirely unsupported.


I slept mostly in a tent with all my supplies to survive on the bicycle and covered 11 Countries, many deserts, wildlife corridors and very isolated wilderness areas.

With no cycling experience prior to this trip and no training, the extremity of weather, isolation, physicality and risks involved contributed to the greatest experience I could have ever imagined.

In December 2013 I took part in an AMA which received much criticism and predictions for the dangers and bad that might happen on the rest of the trip;

Now that I‘ve cycled the length of Africa, please AMA Proof sent via Twitter @NoHangingAround

Thanks a lot for an amazingly fun time doing this AMA guys. Genuinely the experience of meeting Africa on a bicycle has changed my life and so much that I only hope those who read the site will be pushed toward following their own goal or dream. My life was in a bad place last year but honestly, I return home in a few weeks a changed man - its all thanks to other people, people who offered up amazing encouragement like that has been seen throughout this AMA. Thank you - please give the page a like to see the next adventure ;) Derek

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I am women’s UFC strawweight Jo Jo Calderwood! I am women’s UFC strawweight Jo Jo Calderwood

I am Jo Jo Calderwood and I’m currently on The Ultimate Fighter 20 on Fox in the US and BT Sport in the UK every Wednesday.

I’m in Sweden for UFC Fight Night Stockholm which you can watch this Saturday on UFC Fight Pass:


Ask me anything!

Edit: thank you so much guys, i got to run and do another rest for the wicked ;) please tune into ufc sweden on fightpass this saturday or see you's there ;)

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I am Steven Johnson, author and host of the new book and PBS series, How We Got To Now. Ask me anything! I’m Steven Johnson, author of a bunch of books on Reddit-y topics (Emergence, Everything Bad Is Good For You, Where Good Ideas Come From, Future Perfect) and co-founder of three web sites: FEED, Plastic, and Tomorrow is the publication date for my new book, How We Got To Now: Six Innovations That Made The Modern World, which looks at the surprising history of glass, air-conditioning and refrigeration, clean drinking water, artificial light, sound recording, and clocks. How We Got To Now will also be a six-part series on PBS — hosted by me! — premiering Wednesday, Oct. 15, at 9PM ET. Also check out our new site on the future of innovation, How We Get To Next. Ask me anything!

Proof here

Updated, 1:15 EST: Aaaannd... that's a wrap! Thanks y'all! Hope you get a chance to read the book and check out the series!

Mon, 29 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
Hi, I am Jerrod Carmichael, a stand-up comedian. Ask me anything. I have no idea what's about to happen but I'm excited to answer every question I can! My first comedy special produced by Funny Or Die and directed by Spike Lee, "Love At The Store", debuts October 4th on HBO.

You guys were absolutely incredible. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me, it means a lot. I hope you all enjoy the special. Until next time!

Mon, 29 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I am screenwriter Margaret Nagle. You might know me from Boardwalk Empire, Red Band Society, or my latest film, The Good Lie. I've had every part-time job in the world supporting my writing career, and was an actress on MY SO-CALLED LIFE. AMA! I was "The Weird Kid" in school, and always worried about the next disaster, and have always been obsessed with injustice. But I'm really fun at parties! I'm an oddball. I was very proud, because recently Jezebel called me a badass... I was always telling stories to entertain myself as a kid, but I never thought of screenwriting as a career, so I became an actress thinking that was a way to tell stories, and then when I was on the show MY SO-CALLED LIFE Winnie Holzman (who created the show, and later wrote WICKED) took me aside and said "I have some very, very bad news for you. You're not an actress, you're a writer." And I was like "WHAT" and she was like "You're so deep in the closet as a writer, and you have gotta come out." And Winnie was a closeted writer as well - and she had gone into acting, and avoided writing, because it's not a career that women are very welcome in, you don't see a lot of women doing it, but also nobody encourages you to do it - nobody encourages you to tell the truth, you always get in trouble for it. I'm always in trouble for telling the truth.

So Winnie encouraged me, and then I started writing, and I did 8 million part-time jobs to support my writing career, and I wrote a spec script called "Warm Springs" and that got me the job to write THE GOOD LIE eleven years ago. I've spent eleven years trying to get this movie made.

And I started writing for television to support getting this movie made!

That's how I started writing for TV, I was going to write movies exclusively, and this movie got stuck, and I was out of money, and my agents were like "Everyone wants you to write for TV" - by then WARM SPRINGS had gotten made for HBO, and I was so desperate for money at that point I was like "Okay, sure, I'll do it." I said yes, and that got me my first TV job.

So Terry Winter was someone I had met when I was struggling to go from acting to writing, I had sent him the script for WARM SPRINGS which he was reluctant to read, and he read it, and he said to me "It's Rocky, about FDR." And I sent him my script for THE GOOD LIE, and he loved it because it's so funny. It's very funny in ways you don't expect at all. And he just remembered that, and then I got a call from Terry one night in 2007 or 2008, saying "Why haven't you listened to your messages" and I went "I have a message?" and he said "I called you a week ago, I offered you a job on Boardwalk" and I said "you're kidding!" and I listen to my voicemail, I was in a drive-thru at McDonald's, getting a Happy Meal, and he says "are you in a McDonald's line?" and he said "Get me a Big Mac! I offered you a job a week ago! We need you, we're going to sit in a room and create this map." So I called my agents and said "I'm going to work on Boardwalk Empire" and they said "What!?"

SO I worked with Terry and two other writers on season 1. I was learning about the birth of the Mob, and prohibition, and Atlantic City, and one of my part-time jobs as I was supporting my writing career was I sold purses out of the trunk of my car. And Terry had a thought that - you probably know more about bootlegging than I do! Because I'd tried to make money any way possible, I was a good person to put on the show. So that's how I got Boardwalk.

You can check out the official trailer for THE GOOD LIE here:

The film opens on Friday, October 3rd, and by October 24 should be in theaters all over country.

Victoria's helping me get started today. Ask me anything. I'm very honest, so I may get in trouble, but I tell the truth.


Edit: Everybody come see THE GOOD LIE this weekend or when it comes to a theater near you, and contact me on Twitter @MargaretNagle73, and let's talk after. Let's all just keep talking to one another. Thank you so much for your questions, and I'll ask the question Elvis Costello asks: "What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?"

Mon, 29 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
IamA 20 year old male with CRPS II (42 out of 50 on the McGill Pain Scale, about equal to the amputation of a finger, except it never goes away). Ketamine saved my life. I have Type II Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, AKA Causalgia, basically a type of nerve damage / neurological disorder commonly found in gunshot / bone fracture patients with healing deficiencies). Throughout treatment I was scripted basically everything under the sun and developed an Oxymorphone addiction, got clean, and have subsequently been sent into remission by Ketamine. I've been clean from opioids for 11 months (October 31st will make it a year) and control my pain strictly with high dose ibuprofen (6-800mg 3-4x daily) and ketamine "boosters" every couple months.


That's 60 20mg Oxymorphone ER and 90 5mg Oxymorphone IR. I posted that pic to /r/opiates about a year ago under a throwaway account, if you really need more proof just ask and I'll post it. By the time I quit, I was taking 2 40's everyday along with 4-6 10mg Hydrocodone / Oxycodone or 4mg hydromorphone / 5 mg oxymorphone. (In pain management clinics, they tend to cycle you through opioids so you don't become too tolerant to any particular one). In addition my other daily meds throughout all this were 600mg pregabalin, 20-30mg cyclobenzaprine, 100mg Amitryptaline, 40mg Celexa, 2mg Clonezapam, 900mg Oxcarbazepine, 2-300mg Tramadol, and I also usually hit around the 3-4k aceteminophen mark. To help potentiate the medications for better pain relief, I'd take 40-60mg DXM daily, tums, and cimetidine (All CYP2D6 modifiers). To stomach all of this shit I was prescribed Zofran (Ondansetron), pretty much the best anti-emetic on the market and I also smoked about 2-3 grams of weed daily. To sleep, I was prescribed ambien and seroquel.

Despite the truckload of medication, I was in a nearly unbearable constant state of pure and utter agony. My CRPS manifested itself in two joints in my left foot and made walking pretty much impossible for about 3-4 months after the first two surgeries. I underwent 4 lumbar sympathetic blocks, physical therapy, electroshock therapy, and 3 months of twice weekly accupuncture without seeing any relief. My left foot basically felt like it was constantly in a bath of hydrochloric acid that was eating my skin and bones right off of me (I'm not exaggerating, this would last for hours every single day, sometimes it would last days, there were multiple occasions where I literally passed out because of it). Allodynia was a major symptom of mine, for those unfamiliar, its a painful response to typically non-painful stimuli. For instance, I could never have a fan circulating air in the room I was in because the, however minuscule, current from the air would be picked up by the highly sensitive nerves in my foot and end up causing me intense pain (best way to describe that sensation is dragging the top of your foot barefoot on concrete, except it wouldn't stop). A lot of the time, I'd feel like my blood vessels were exploding inside me. As if I had my own personal lightning storm of nerve pain going on within me.

The first time I did Ketamine the pain I had come to expect as an inevitability of my future simply vanished. I didn't realize how it would change my life at first, because I had experienced relief prior from things like narcotics or lidocaine patches, but the difference with ketamine was that after I came down (you can definitely get high off that shit), the pain relief stayed. At first the relief only lasted about 2-3 days (a miracle in its own right as anyone with CRPS will tell you. I swear my nerve blocks didn't give me a fraction as much relief), but the more I did, the longer my relief lasted. My gait improved, I was able to tolerate water on my left foot (I'm not sure anyone really has any idea what its like taking a shower with a bag on your foot because any water that comes into contact with it feels like straight acid, but yeah, try doing that for over a year and lemme know how it goes). Anyway, I can now go about 3 months without dosing Ketamine and my pain levels remain under control enough that over the counter NSAID's (I like ibuprofen nowadays) handle it adequately.

Anyway, ask me about my journey. It's certainly been long, strange and taken me to places I never thought I'd go.

Mon, 29 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
IamA young, vital, healthy, active woman who has has both breasts removed (cancer) and is now undergoing chemotherapy. AMA! Hi there! First time poster, but I felt like this would be a place where people could learn a little from my experience, as well as ask me some of the questions that friends and folks are maybe too shy to ask in person. I'm happy to answer just about anything you might be curious about. I'm also looking forward (hopefully) to questions that might make me think about all this in new ways, because every perspective is a good one.

I was diagnosed in April, had a double mastectomy with expanders placed on May 30th, and am a little over halfway done with my chemo. Once the chemo is done I'll have another surgery to place breast implants.

Things that color my perspective: I've always been a very healthy person, never sick, always active, so navigating all the medical stuff and especially having to deal with a compromised immune system has been a bit of a shock. I also had natural 34G breasts before my double mastectomy, which I'm sure had some pretty solid effect on folks' perception of my femininity and attractiveness, so I have some thoughts/feelings on that as well.

One last thing: if we could avoid commenting about how chemo is a scam and I'm just a tool of the medical-industrial complex and if I just took hemp oil or ate better or whatever I'd be cured- that'd be great. Thx.

Sun, 28 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I’m the person who showed Steve Jobs the blue box, I am Cap’n Crunch. Ask Me Anything! Hi everyone,

My name is John Draper, you may also know me as Cap’n’Crunch. I’m ready for all your questions!

Here's my proof:

Here’s a nice story about me:

The esquire article had come out, and came to the attention of Woz, who contacted me through a trusted friend, and he wanted me to show him how to use the blue box. His box was digital, but rock solid frequencies. I told him it would never work, but on some phones, the carbon mikes in the phone smoothed the waves so it would barely work, perhaps one time in 10. He wanted me to show him how to call the pope. After many tries, we got the Vatican, it being 4:30 in the morning in Rome, he told them he was Henry Kissinger, then the sec of State, and wanted to confess.

I actually got busted because a careless friend who knew my phone number got busted for using the Woz box. My conditions for giving out my number, was that they had to memorize it, no problem for blind people. One such person Richard Ceasar violated my trust, which was during the time the federal government was raiding some of the phone phreaks they could catch, but could never find me, because there was no reference to me. A big Grand jury investigation resulted from the Esquire article. Woz's box set off all kinds of alarms in the 4A switch was how they busted Richard.

I had met Steve jobs many years before he started Apple. I was closer to Woz then jobs because Woz was an engineer, as I was. He actually got me an employee discount to the HP35 a post fix calculator I used in colleges when he was working for HP. I was the envy of my class at De Anza College in Cupertino where I was taking engineering courses.

This was after I showed Woz and jobs the blue box. Jobs stated there would be no Apple computer without the blue box, and this is true, because the initial money Woz needed came from selling them, which went into laying out and producing the printed circuit for the apple one.

Right after Woz developed the Apple one, I had to serve my time at Lompoc Federal prison. Lompoc was a minimum security facility located near Vandenberg Air Force Base. There were no fences or walls. But very clearly marked signs that said "out of limits". Before going in, I arranged a system for making free phone calls. That had to be arranged before actually getting to Lompoc. They only allowed collect calls, and no 800-number calls, and there wasn't even a dial on the phone. All I had to do was to call to a certain number that would "except" the call.

I had phone freaking classes in jail. They were disguised as electronic classes, right under the noses of the jailers. We had very little supervision from the jail guards. I had modified an FM radio that would tune into the guards frequencies, so I can tell when they were coming.

By the time I got out of Lompoc, Steve had just finished designing the Apple II. It was a convention in Los Angeles where Steve was demonstrating the Apple II for the first time. Steve invited me to join him at Apple. This was a time when you weren't really assigned a job, but you could pretty much work on what you wanted to work on, as long as it promoted and enhanced the sale of the main product. Woz suggested that I build a telephone interface to the Apple II. This was an era where smoking was permitted in the workplace. They set up an annex building near their main office where Steve, myself, Randy Wigginton, and a few others working on the Apple peripherals. I threw Mike Scott out of my office for smoking, he was CEO of Apple then.

The telephone interface board was called the Charlie board. It could send and receive any tones, or tone pairs. It also had software controls for controlling the hook switch, and other functions regarding controlling the telephone. Tones were generated in Software using a 256 byte sin table and tone tables defining the frequencies.

Steve Jobs decided not to market the board, because it could be used for "illegal things" because of it's high flexibility, but the main reason, was because it was illegal to connect directly to the telephone line. Company provided a "interface device" that would allow one to connect directly to the telephone. Rental of the device was $250 a month, and was unfeasible to require customers to use this. Expensive device for the phone board, so it was never marketed. After I delivered the phone board to Woz, left a note on his desk with a cassette tape with the software, and asked him to try out. I wrote a simple interface program which would allow you to enter in a phone number and dial it. As a prank, Steve modified the program, to call Steve Job's home phone number over and over again and let it run all night. I go into the office, and Steve really laid it on the thick and heavy. He then lit up a big fat cigar and puffed it in my face as revenge. I got so sick, I couldn't work for the rest of the day.

I went on to write EasyWriter, the WordPress program, because I needed a program to write documentation to FORtH, a language I was writing with the grace of the Forth Interest group and I as designated to write it for the Apple II. I was urged to market the word processor program. we couldn't copy the disks fast enough to keep up with the sales, and I was still in jail, at a Work Furlough program where they let me attend the Faire. I wrote all of it while in in jail, they would let me go to an office during the day under very close supervision, and before going back to jail I would print a fresh copy of the source code (in FORTH) and study and modify the code at night. It was an ideal (but unorthodox) programming situation. I would go back and type in the modifications, run it through this cool debugger I wrote. Then after testing, I found very few bugs, and started writing the next session, and repeat until it was finished. I did it in 3 months of my 4 month stay at Alameda County Work furlough facility.

The word processor was very popular for the Apple II and made it's appearance at the 4th West coast computer faire. It made number two on the Soft Talk magazine hit parade. IBM started sneaking around, trying to locate software vendors to write a word processor for the IBM PC. They contacted Microsoft, and they contacted us. We beat out Bill Gates, and got out word processing program functioning much earlier than Microsoft, so IBM bundled EasyWriter with every IBM PC sold. There were some shady dealings with my publisher, which resulted in a lawsuit, and a major loss of my royalties.

I went off to do different things, living off the royalties of EasyWriter Until IBM stopped publishing it. Recently, I learned I have a degenerative spine disease which was the main reason for my health issues, I had one surgery in 2009 for my lower back, another one in 2010 for me neck, and this most recent surgery took 9 hours where the doctors put 4 large screws in my spine.

Insurance company covered most of the expense, but learned a lot of items I need for recovery are not covered and are fairly expensive.

Through some contacts I know, a QikFunder has been started up.

Plus BBC picked it up.

I've already reached my goal, and during DefCon this year, a large "get well" card was written up and signed by the contestants of the Scavenger hunt and was presented to me in the hospital, and pictures are on my facebook time line.

EDIT: I had a great time answering your questions! All of these questions were very good ones, and I answered each and every question thanks to some help from my friend. I hope to run another AMA sometime in the near future to answer any update questions. Don't forget to visit my website for updates and always visit my Facebook every day because I always have cool things up there!

Sun, 28 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
Today is International Right to Know Day. We are transparency activists from Canada, Colombia, Bulgaria, India and South Africa, here to talk about openness, secrecy and your right to know. Go on – Ask Us Anything! We are:

• Centre for Law and Democracy (, an NGO based in Canada that works globally to promote transparency, freedom of expression and digital rights. Over the past year, we have carried out work in Indonesia, Myanmar, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Morocco, among many other places.

• Open Democracy Advice Centre (, a South African specialist centre for access to information and whistleblowing, committed to seeing transparency in action.

• Shailesh Gandhi, formerly of India’s Central Information Commission and one of the world’s leading right to information activists.

• Dejusticia. a Colombian NGO that whose mandate is to strengthen and defend human rights.

• Access to Information Program (, a Bulgarian non-profit which has been working for nearly 20 years to improve access to information in Bulgaria and around the world.

September 28 is International Right to Know Day, and organisations around the world use the occasion to promote discussion and engagement on secrecy and open government. Today, 100 countries around the world have access to information laws in force, but in many places these are weak or poorly implemented.

We are passionate about government transparency, and eager to answer any questions you have about your right to know.

Edited 1: Because of the timezone issues, as well as conflicting Right to Know Day events that are taking place around the world, the different activists/organisations will be logging in and out. But there will be at least one person here answering for the entire day.

Edit 2: As of 12:15 - activists from all five countries are online. Great to see so many questions - I see you've pushed us onto the front page, we're angling for the top spot now! Proof is at:

Edit 3: Whelp, we've been at this for a solid eight hours, and I think it's time to call it a day. Thanks to everyone for participating - I think we all really enjoyed this experience, and I hope we've piqued your interest in the right to information. Please check out our website (, as well as those of our partners above, and you can also find us on Twitter or on Facebook. Happy Right to Know Day Reddit - let's do this again next year.

Sun, 28 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
6 years ago my brother and I found out we were going blind, so we took a trip around the United States of America to see it fully before completely losing our sight. My name is Tod Purvis, I have Choroideremia and I hope to help others find a cure. Ask Me Hey Reddit: Here’s the full scoop: My brother and I have Choroideremia. It's a genetic disorder that leads to complete blindness. We decided to take a trip around America, and create an award winning documentary about our experiences which can be found here:

To help support those with Choroideremia, you can donate to the causes listed here:

and here:


I’m extremely new to Reddit, so be gentle.

(Leo Mercado will assist me with Questions) Thank you guys for the support, make sure to donate to links above, rent our film at the link provided to help support our next trip.

Edit: Going to bed! Thank you all, and I will answer the next chance I get.

Sun, 28 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I am stunt double Laura Dash. I've been in hundreds of movies, including Jurassic Park, The Goonies, Interview with A Vampire, Hook, and many many more. AMA. Hi guys. My nephew suggested I do this AMA after a photo of myself with Robin Williams went viral the other week.

I was going to school, I was in college at UNLV in Las Vegas, and I happened to wait on a little person and he says to me how would I like to be in show business? And I kind of laughed it off and said sure, and he said "Well, they're making this movie called Under the Rainbow," and he says "I'm not really sure, but I'm told it's a remake / spoof on Wizard of Oz, and they need a lot of little people to play munchkins." So he gave me the info, I got home, talked to my sister, talked to my friends, "do you think this guy is on the level?" and they said "It doesn't hurt, look into it, we'll go with you." So it was all in LA, I contacted the people, told them about myself, and the rest is kind of history. I came out to California, I ended up working 2 weeks on the film as an extra while I was there, they asked if I would mind doing standing work as there was a little actress is, and i was about her size - so they showed me what to do, and from there I ended up working about 2 months on the movie, and then I met other people, continued to do stand-in work, worked on movies that had stunts in them, they had another short adult in to double these kids, and I thought "I could do that." So one day someone came up to me and said "we're doing this stunt next month, would you be interested in doubling?" and I had never done a stunt before, but I said "Sure, yes!" So I ended up meeting more stunt coordinators, more stunt people, and then in 1984-85, I still continued to do stand in work but I was getting more work as a stunt person. So I just started stunts for the rest of my career.

Another photo:


Victoria's helping me out, she's doing all the typing, ask me anything.

EDIT: Update: I'm taking a break, but I will be back to answer any additional questions at a later time. In the meantime, I started my own dog rescue, it's called Adopt Me Rescue, and you can visit our website at

Sun, 28 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
IamA Astronomer AMA! Some folks in the "scariest thing in the universe" AskReddit thread were asking for an AMA, so here I am guys- ask whatever you like from your friendly neighborhood astronomer!

Background about me:

  • I am an American gal currently in the 4th year of my PhD in radio astronomy in the Netherlands. Here is a picture of me at Jodrell Bank Observatory a few weeks ago in the UK, and here is my Twitter feed.

  • My specialties are radio signals (even worked a summer at SETI), black holes that eat stars, and cosmic ray particles. I dabble in a lot of other stuff though too, plus the whole "studying physics and astronomy for a decade" thing, so if your question is outside these sorts of topics in astronomy I will try my best to answer it.

  • In my spare time I publish a few times a year in Astronomy and Sky & Telescope and the like. List of stuff I've written is here.

  • Nothing to do with astronomy, but I've been to 55 countries on six continents. Exploring the universe is fun, be it galaxies far away or foreign lands!

Ok, fire when ready!

Edit: By far the most common question so far has been "I want to be an astronomer, what should I do?" My advice is study physics, math, and a smattering of programming for good measure. Plan for your doctorate. Be stubborn and do not lose sight of why you really decided you want to do this in the first place. And if you want more of a breakdown than what I can provide, here is a great overview in more detail of how to do it. Good luck!

Edit 2: You guys are great and I had a lot of fun answering your questions! But it is Saturday night in Amsterdam, and I have people to see and beer to drink. I'll be back tomorrow to answer any more questions!

Sat, 27 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
Hi, I'm Nathaniel Penn, a correspondent at GQ who wrote a September 2014 feature story on male survivors of military sexual assault. AMA! A link to the story:

My Proof:

Thank you for all of the thoughtful and informed comments and questions. Sorry I couldn't answer more of your questions today, but I'll try to get to as many of them as possible over the next few days. I really appreciate your giving your attention to this story and the subject of sexual assault.--N

Fri, 26 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT
I am actress Maggie Q - AMAA! Hi. I'm Maggie, I'm an actress. My previous projects include the Divergent movie and my latest show STALKER airs on CBS premiering October 1st at 10/9 central.

You can check out some clips from STALKER here.

Here with Victoria to answer your questions - AMA!

EDIT So unfortunately I have to go - another episode of STALKER needs to be made, hahah! But i do hope to see you watching on the October 1st premiere.

Fri, 26 Sep 2014 0:00:00 EDT