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Graham Kates is Deputy Managing Editor of The Crime Report, where our stories have shed light on "America's Guilt Mill," financially shady prisoner re-entry programs, failures to prosecute environmental crimes and many other criminal justice issues.

Our newest project is a series of stories that will allow readers to get a broad view of how the government has pushed up against the walls of legality in order to make arrests, and we literally (like a few minutes ago) launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund it:

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2:00pm: Folks, it's been a fun 3 1/2 hours. The conversation has really been fascinating! We have to sign off for a bit, but please keep asking questions, we'll be checking in throughout the next couple of days to answer as many as we can.

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Thu, 26 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
Actor / EntertainerAdrian Grenier: actor, filmmaker, friend of @lonelywhale. AMA! Hi guys, back again on reddit for another AMA.

My latest project, 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale is a cinematic experience where you can join a team of renowned marine biologists on a real-life quest, braving the dangers of the open ocean to find Lonely Whale, also known as the 52 Hertz Whale ("52”), who is believed to have spent his entire life in solitude, calling out at a frequency that no other whale can understand.

Our mission will also be to study hybrid whales by tagging them with hi-tech sound techniques for the first time EVER! Giving us a chance to know how man-made ocean noise could be effecting communication amongst sea creatures, such as our hero the Lonely Whale. NO ONE HAS EVER ATTEMPTED TO DO THIS, until now, until YOU!

You can check the campaign here, with 13 days to go:

I'm going to be joined for my AMA today by Jackie Savitz, Vice President for US Oceans at Oceana, expert on ocean noise pollution, and marine biologist, who's working to help protect the world's oceans.

Victoria's helping us get started.

Go ahead and ask away!

Hey everyone. Thanks so much for being a part of this with me. I am super passionate and to see your enthusiasm reflecting back at me is so inspiring. We are all #teamLonelyWhale. I have to run to the city, but will check back in on some good questions I might have missed. But please do donate, doesn't have to be much, to give the scientist a chance to do their important world. I suggest a $7 donation (5+2) for 52, lonely whale :)

oh and I'll leave you with a joke: What do you do with a blue whale...? Cheer him up ;)

Thu, 26 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
MunicipalIamA (Animal Control Officer working for a coastal city in California) AMA! By request I am here from an ELI5 about pigeons that blew up.

Edit: The comments on the ELI5 post regarding the pigeons gained in popularity. Pigeons did not blow up. No pigeons were harmed

Wed, 25 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
Gaming - LiveWe are Colossal Order, the team behind Cities: Skylines, a game close to launch that just released information about modding - AMA! Greetings reddit!

We are part of the development team behind Cities: Skylines, an upcoming old school city builder published by Paradox (learn more: /r/citiesskylines)

Today we released a new video as well as opened up an official wiki page on modding.

The team will be answering questions from now, 18:00 CET, to 20:00 CET and continue sporadically after that.

Feel free to direct questions directly to a member - or ask them openly and anyone from our side will try to reply. Be it about modding, the game, us or whatever you wish!

Replying tonight:

co_martsu = Mariina, CEO of Colossal Order

HenkkaArt = Henri, artist & designer at CO

co_damsku = Damien, programmer at CO

TotalyMoo = John, community manager at Paradox Interactive


EDIT: Okay so a lot more interest than anticipated. We're getting some pizzas and cozying down, this is going to be a long night. Keep em' coming and... just lots of love to all of you.

EDIT2: It's getting late here in the Nordics, and we need to rest - March 10th is around the corner! As of roughly 23:11 CET we're no longer answering questions full time. Please do continue posting, as we'll get back to this tomorrow and try to get the stragglers. Thank you all SO MUCH for participating, it's been a blast. Much love from Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive <3

Wed, 25 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
AthleteI am six-time PGA tour winner and golfer Hunter Mahan, AMAA! I’m Hunter Mahan - six-time PGA TOUR winner, proud husband to Kandi and father to Zoe and Miller. Born a Lakers fan from California, Dallas is home for me now. I love talking all things food, cars, and college sports. Go Pokes!

Victoria's going to be helping me out over the phone today. AMAA!

Update I would just like to thank the fans for the questions, and continued support for the length of my career. And you can always stay in touch with me at @HunterMahan on Twitter, and through

Wed, 25 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
BusinessWe're Eric Migicovsky + the creators of Pebble Time, AUA! EDIT: We're going to be wrapping up at 16:30 ET. Thanks for being awesome, Pebblers! We'll try to check back in on the thread periodically. Feel free to share and re-post about the details we shared today. Spreading the love (and the word) is what Pebbling is all about. <3, Team Pebble

Hello, reddit! I’m Eric the founder of Pebble, here with the crew behind Pebble Time, our new campaign on Kickstarter.

We’re off to a great start thanks to the support of our community and couldn’t wait to do an IAmA ASAP!

We’ll be answering as many questions as we can starting now, and continue occasionally after we wrap up at 16:15ish ET. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to answer specific questions about future products...keeping our cards close to the chest on this.

Replying today:

We Tweeted about it! Feel free to share and RT!

Wed, 25 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
Director / CrewI am Dr. Joe Schwarcz, Director of the McGill Office for Science and Society, AMA. I am a Professor of Chemistry at McGill University in Montreal and Director of the McGill Office for Science and Society which is dedicated to demystifying science for the public. I deal with issues that relate to the public's understanding of science especially when it comes to matters of toxicology.

I write a weekly column for the Montreal Gazette entitled "The Right Chemistry," have authored 15 books and host the longest running phone-in show on science in history every Sunday on Montreal's CJAD (also available on the web).

The topics I routinely deal with include nutrition, GMOs, alternative health practices such as homeopathy, medications, cosmetics, cleaning agents, and controversial chemicals such as bisphenol A, phthalates, fluoride, PCBs, mercury and flame retardants. I emphasize separating sense from nonsense. My hobby is stage magic and I often use conjuring principles to demonstrate to people that seeing is not necessarily believing. In this context I often discuss UFOs and psychics who claim to have abilities such as bending spoons with the power of their minds or performing surgery without making an incision.

I am looking forward to your questions today.


THANKS FOR THE QUESTIONS! This has been very interesting. Remember our website: - and you can continue the conversation with me on my FB Page: Of course, you can follow the Office for Science & Society on Facebook ( and Twitter (@McGillOSS) for all things sensible!

Wed, 25 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
Actor / EntertainerI am Allen Leech, actor - you might know me as Tom Branson on DOWNTON ABBEY. AMA! Ok, I'm Allen Leech, I'm an actor on DOWTON ABBEY.

The Downton Abbey, Season 5 finale concludes in the US this Sunday, March 1 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS..

Come here for spoilers!


Photo proof!


Victoria's assisting me over the today. AMA.

Update Thank you so much for your wonderful questions. Don't forget to watch the season finale on PBS this Sunday! If you haven't already illegally downloaded it, tut-tut.

And let's make this a yearly thing!

Like the migration of the salmon, let's make this a yearly thing.

Tue, 24 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
Crime / JusticeI'm an animal rights attorney who freed a bear from an ice cream shop. AMA. I was the lead attorney for the Animal Legal Defense Fund in a public nuisance lawsuit against a Pennsylvania ice cream shop to free "Ricky the bear" from small and barren enclosure. The lawsuit generated widespread media coverage, and recently resulted in a settlement where Ricky was sent from her Pennsylvania exhibit to a Colorado sanctuary where she is being rehabilitated for introduction into an expansive fifteen acre home with other bears.

Proof of identity here. Video about her rescue is here.

Edit: Thanks for a great conversation! I have to go at 4:00 PM (PT), but keep the questions coming.

Edit 2: Gotta run! Thanks so much for all of the insightful questions. I'll check back a few times this evening to answer more. Don't miss the video of Ricky's rescue.

Edit 3: The ALDF online team is insisting I peddle our website, Facebook, and Twitter on here too.

Edit 4: Thanks for the great conversation, everyone. Goodnight!

Tue, 24 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
Medical-LiveIamA man, that was dead twice, about 2 minutes at a time, AMA! My short bio: Motorcycle accident. First "death": immediately after the accident my body shut down from the pain and physical damages on my body. No pulse, no breathing and no consciousness

Second "death": I was in agonizing pain after surgery so I received loads of pain killers. The pain, coupled with an immense amount of pain killers, caused my pulse to drop to around 10bpm and my respiratory system shut down.

My Proof: One of the doctor notes I found

Tue, 24 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
Crime / JusticeI am Eric Sterling, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Board Member and President of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation. I wrote harsh drug laws in the 1980s and now work to reform them. AMA I am Eric E. Sterling, member of Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s Board of Trustees and President of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation. When I was counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary in the 1980s, I had a front-row seat to the buildup of the War on Drugs. I was a principal aide in developing the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984 as well as the Anti-Drug Abuse Acts of 1986 and 1988. Some of these laws created mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes as part of the government’s “tough on drugs” and “just say no” approach at the time.

Since 1989, I've been fighting on the front lines to reform these laws through my work at the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation and as a board member and adviser to many drug policy reform organizations, including SSDP. I am here to answer any of your questions about the War on Drugs, drug legalization, the US criminal justice system, and more.


If you would like to help contribute to SSDP’s efforts to end the drug war, please consider casting a vote for us to win reddit’s charity contest!

I will be answering questions starting at 6:00pm EST.

Tue, 24 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
Actor / EntertainerI am producer and actor Jason Hervey. You might know me as Wayne AKA the "brother you love to hate" from THE WONDER YEARS - AMAA! Hi everyone.

I am Jason Hervey. You might know me as Wayne from THE WONDER YEARS, and my latest project is as creator/executive producer of WGN America’s newest docudrama “Outlaw Country", premiering tonight, February 24 at 10 PM ET / 7 PM Pacific.

The show is an unscripted ride-along on both sides of the law and chronicles the clash between two sets of brothers in Buckner, Missouri: Mike and Steve Cook, the town’s Chief of Police and Buckner Criminal Task Force liaison, respectively, and John and Josh Monk, who maintain their innocence in the face of the Cooks’ allegations that they are behind the community’s recent surge in criminal activity. You can learn more about "Outlaw Country" here.

I'm looking forward to answering your questions today.

Victoria's helping me over the phone, so AMAA!

Update Thanks, appreciate everybody participating and I encourage all of you to give OUTLAW COUNTRY on WGN a look - and thank you for your support over the years, both during The Wonder Years and for BHE's latest project!

Tue, 24 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
OtherI have been a cab driver in New Orleans for over 17 years. AMA. Because of my busy work schedule, I will be answering your questions on Wednesday, February 25th from 3:30-5:30PM EST

I’m Delores Montgomery and I’ve been a cab driver in the city of New Orleans for 17 years. I’m also the President of AFSCME Local 234. Cab drivers all across New Orleans are partnering with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) to launch Cab Drivers for Justice, an aggressive campaign to fight for a voice on the job. We are organizing to create better working conditions and provide quality services.

Find out more about our organization here:

Here’s a video of our organizing efforts:


UPDATE (2/25/15 at 3:34PM EST): I'm here! Thank you all for these great questions. I'll begin answering shortly.

UPDATE (2/25/15 at 5:33PM EST): Alright folks, I gotta head back on the road! Thank you for all the wonderful questions. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did!

Tue, 24 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
JournalistI am Paul Sonne, Moscow correspondent for The Wall Street Journal. Happy to take your questions on Putin, Russia, Ukraine or anything else! I'm a foreign correspondent based in the Moscow bureau of The Wall Street Journal (, where we cover news across the former Soviet Union. I spent much of last year covering the conflict in neighboring Ukraine and was on the ground in rebel-held territory after Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down. Before moving to Moscow a year ago, I spent nearly four years as a foreign correspondent at The Wall Street Journal's bureau in London.

I'm happy to talk about whatever you want, from Vladimir Putin to more general questions about working as a journalist abroad. Or we can talk about Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, too : )

My Proof:

Thanks everyone for your time. I'm once again thoroughly impressed by the perceptiveness of your questions and the intelligence of Reddit's users. I have to run now, but I generally hang out in the Twitterverse at @paulsonne ( Hopefully we can continue the conversation there. Спасибо!

Mon, 23 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT
MedicalI Am A 13-Year-Old Stage IV Osteosarcoma Fighter. AMA! Hi there. I was diagnosed with cancer on May 21st, 2014. and I am happy to say that finally. after 27 chemotherapy sessions, 40+ hospitalizations, 5 setbacks, 7 surgeries (with 1 more to go), and 1 near-death experience, I am finally close to achieving remission!

Ask Me Anything! :)

Proof Here is the leg scar just a few weeks after surgery, six months ago, to remove the primary tumor, before the stitches were even removed., These are the postop X-Rays. Here is the scar on my left side after having had surgery on my left lung to remove some more tumors. You can see where the chest tube was placed just a little ways below it. This was done on January 30th.

The right lung will be operated on soon.

Mon, 23 Feb 2015 0:00:00 EDT