Top Reddit IAmA's The latest IAmA's collected from Reddit I am Andrew Greene, the youngest professional ragtime orchestra leader in the United States, AMA! I am Andrew Greene, 23, founder and director of the Peacherine Ragtime Society Orchestra, based in Annapolis, MD:

PRSO was founded originally as the Peacherine Ragtime Orchestra in February of 2010, while I was an 18 year old Freshman at the University of Maryland (updating our name this past year). We play ragtime, theatre, and dance music off the original period orchestra scores, and underscore silent movies with live music and sound effects.

PRSO has been called "the premier American ragtime ensemble" by the Washington Post, and "one of the best ragtime orchestra's you'll hear" by Hot Jazz Saturday Night, WAMU 88.5 Washington DC. We've been invited to play at venues ranging from the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, to historic theatres and performing arts centers up and down the East Coast.

PRSO and I are in the final stages of a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our second CD:

With Peacherine I've collected over 7,000 historic musical scores, I've been invited to guest conduct the South Dakota Symphony Chamber Orchestra at age 22, worked for the Smithsonian Institution as a Jazz Music Researcher, and have given lectures on ragtime music and composers across the United States. AMA!

Proof: and

EDIT: Obligatory Front Page Mention! You guys ROCK! If you want more info on the orchestra or what I'm up to, Like PRSO on Facebook and on Twitter

EDIT #2: Thanks so much for a great time everyone! I had a blast taking everyone's questions! I hope you'll check out my orchestra's website,, sign up for Peacherine's email list if you want to hear more about events with Peacherine and I, and check out our Facebook/Twitter pages! And please check out our Kickstarter page and consider donating if you're able. Thanks again! - Andrew

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IamA social skills expert who overcame the social struggles of Asperger's! My book is free on Kindle today, so AMA! Hi guys! My name is Dan, and I'm the author of I just released my new Improve Your Social Skills Kindle book and it's free right now, so I figured today would be a great day for an AMA!

A few things about me:

  • I was incredibly socially awkward growing up. I was shy, bullied, awkward -- you name it. But in high school, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, and I learned that my social struggles were due to a lack of social skills (makes sense, right?) So I started to work really deliberately to teach myself social skills. Little by little, my studies paid off, and I started to make real friends and connect with people. I didn't become a "social superstar" or anything like that, but I was no longer awkward or alone.
  • In 2012, I launched as a way to share what I'd learned by what I'd learned and share it with others. Similar to the Humble Bundle, I run the site on a pay-what-you-want/pay-it-forward model (so people can either pay what they want to access the premium content, or they can agree to do a good deed for someone else in exchange for a premium membership.)
  • In 2013, I spoke at TEDx University of Arizona about my life with Asperger's. If you want to learn my story, that speech is the place to go.
  • I'm the moderator of /r/socialskills, which is an awesome community that you should join.
  • Proof (with obligatory Reddit cat tax).

Ask me anything! I'm happy to talk about social skills, Asperger's, running a website, or horse-sized ducks.

EDIT: I came back tonight and figured "Okay, everyone is asleep, time to answer my backlog." but THE QUESTIONS JUST KEEP COMING. IT'S OKAY AUSTRALIA BRING IT ON

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I'm Sir Mix-A-Lot, Artist, Producer, Engineer, Entrepreneur and Car Nut. AMA. I'm a guy that does a lot of music that makes you look at your body in a different way, yeah... the quintessential "ass man." You can visit me on my official site and on Twitter @TheRealMix and instagram @TheRealSirMixALot (somebody stole @TheRealMix, those bastards), and if you type in "Sir Mix-A-Lot" you'll find me on Facebook.

Victoria's gonna be helping me out today over the phone. AMA.


UPDATE: Basically, well I'd love to come back and do this again. I love my questions open and candid. And I'm not too pretty for ya, so anytime you want to talk, let's do it.

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IAmA tobacco wholesaler I sell cigarettes, cigars, wraps, and etc. to stores. Ive seen posts from people that work for the companies themselves. But I deal with what happens from State to store, proof AMA!

Can we stop with the how do you feel about dealing death questions? I can't answer each one.

I am an employee, I don't roll them, I don't light them for people and I don't sell to people. No I don't want my kids smoking, Yes I hope this business fizzles out, no I'm not proud, I'm not ashamed either. This is the only way I know how to make a living right now.

edit: sorry guys thread closed, I need to play destiny!

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I'm a 27 yr old male on dialysis. I was just approved to have a transplant and am in need of a donor, AMA. Quick back story. I had henoch schonlein purpura when I was 5. They brought in a specialist to diagnose me. I've been dieting and managing CKD since then. I guess it was inevitable that I would need a transplant one day. Just never thought it would be this soon.


My fundraiser:

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I am Idris Elba, AMA! I'm an actor, I've been an actor for a long time, I've come from England, I like to deejay, and that's it. I'm in this film, No Good Deed, and it's number one in America at the moment, and I'm really proud of that.

Victoria from reddit's assisting me today.


Edit: Well, I wanna say - thank you so much for all your questions. Actually, I was pretty nervous doing the "ask me anything" but you guys were great and asked me some really intelligent questions. And actually you reminded me of a few things that happened over my life, so I thank you for that. If you're free this weekend, and haven't seen it yet, go see No Good Deed. It's a thrill ride, we had a lot of fun making and hope you enjoy it. If you have seen it, and want to see it again, no problem. I'm @IdrisElba on Twitter and on Instagram I've got two - @7Dub and @IdrisElba.

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IamA First Responder to the Ebola Virus outbreak in Liberia Thank you from me and Jorge for all of your questions. It's been a great discussion.

If you would like to support International Medical Corps' work to tackle Ebola, you can donate to our emergency Ebola appeal

To meet the health workers we work with in Liberia every day, visit our First Responders photogallery. First Responders is a joint campaign with International Medical Corps and the European Commission to celebrate the ordinary people delivering extraordinary actions during times of crisis, like the health workers of our Bong County Ebola treatment unit.

For live updates on our Ebola response and more, you can follow me on Twitter as well as Jorge, International Medical Corps UK and the European Commission

Thanks for your support!

My name is Sean Casey, and this week my team from International Medical Corps opened the 6th Ebola Treatment Unit in the whole of Liberia. We began treating patients on Monday.

I am joined by Jorge Castilla, the European Commission's expert on Ebola.

Here's my proof and here's Jorge Castilla's proof

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We are the leads on Wasteland 2 (currently the #1 PC game), the godfather of the post-apocalyptic fallout series. Brian Fargo, Matt Findley and Chris Keenan here to discuss all things crowdfunding, game-making, and escaping the grasp of publishers. Wasteland 2 was funded on Kickstarter over 2.5 years ago with over 70,000 backers. We had a very transparent development process and released our vision document early while getting feedback from our fans. This was certainly a new process for us and while not without snags, it was an unbelievable way to develop a video game. After working with the crowd to get to this point, we just released Wasteland 2 on Steam, GoG and most other digital distribution sites.

Wasteland 2 is a throwback to isometric style tactical, turn-based combat. At last check, the game has more words than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Our trailer can be seen here : Wasteland 2 Trailer

Brian is a long time industry veteran, CEO of inXile, and Executive Producer on Wasteland 2. Matt (president) and Chris (project lead) designed and directed Wasteland 2.

Finally, as today is talk like a pirate day, one obligatory pirate joke to start us off.

What did the pirate say when he had a steering wheel attached to his balls? Arrrgh….it’s driving me nuts. Now on to the show!

edit 1: Proof So this image we're holding is a litho from the original Wasteland box. There were a small amount made. Brian accidentally signed it to a non-existent Dustin. So if your name is Dustin and you can prove it through a PM, we'll be sending it to you, free of charge!

edit 2 : Back!. Thanks for all the questions! Heading to get lunch real quick. We should be back around 1PST for another hour.

edit 3 : Thank you all for your questions. It was fun talking about what we've spent the better part of the last 3 years on. Hope you all enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing a picture of Scotchmo when you get him/her.

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Rashad Jennings here. Exploring my human limitations. AMA. I am as simple as your next door neighbor. Currently play runningback in the NFL for the New York Giants.

My official site is and you can find me on twitter @RashadJennings (same on instagram).

Here at reddit NY with Victoria helping me out. AMA.


EDIT: Well, I appreciate all the questions. Hope you enjoyed the answers. Tune in to my new blog on my website, I will be updating it, check it out if you want to keep in touch with me. I'm on Twitter @RashadJennings. And my blog is Thank you.

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I'm Jonathan Goldsmith, and I play the "The Most Interesting Man in the World." I don't always post to reddit, but when I do, it's for a good cause. AMA. I'm here with Victoria from reddit for my second AMA. Last time was a lot of fun and we raised a good amount of money for landmine and bomb removal in Vietnam. I'm asking for your help again, reddit, but this time to help clear landmines and bombs in Cambodia.

Money for landmine removal is dropping in Cambodia, but the threat remains. We need your help.

Go to to see a video we made at a military testing facility and while there enter to win a day with me taking falconry lessons as well as an off-road driving class at the Land Rover Experience Driving school in Manchester, VT.

Sure, you could win an unforgettable day, but more importantly you will raise money to save lives and limbs.

Mines Advisory Group is doing great work.


Ok, reddit, ask me anything.

Update: It's very flattering to me that anybody wants to communicate, or cares about my position on things. And I guess the only thing I would like to share is that we can all make a difference. We have to look outside of ourselves, come from a place of service, and we can all ameliorate the human condition. Each in his own way. And giving is far more valuable than receiving. To be able to make a difference in somebody less fortunate's life is the greatest gift of all.

So I do want to thank reddit, and all of the people who have been kind enough to care about what I have to say, and who have been fans, I really appreciate it. Keep drinking responsibly, and stay thirsty for all things.

And I hope you will take seriously the fact that each of us can make a difference. And each of us are instrumental to change and hope and encouragement. And yes, each one of us can change the world just a little bit. And collectively we can make a helluva difference.

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IamA 23 year old with a rare degenerative disease, mitochondrial myopathy that effects every major system in my body. There is no known cure. AMA. Hi reddit!

I was officially diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy when I was 18 through a muscle biopsy. However I have been experiencing symptoms of my illness since birth. Mitochondrial disease is a chronic, progressive disorder that occurs when the mitochondria of the cell cannot produce enough energy for cell or organ function. Mitochondrial disease can be inherited from a person’s mother (mtDNA), from both parents (nDNA), can occur spontaneously, or may result from exposure to toxins, medications, or other environmental triggers. There are about 40 mutations in the mtDNA and 300 mutations in the nDNA that have been identified and linked to mitochondrial disease. However, it is likely there are many more that have yet to be discovered. My specific mutation has not yet been categorized as my official diagnosis is an undiagnosable mitochondrial myopathy. The doctors believe that I my mutation was spontaneous as I am the only one in my family affected with the illness.

The major symptoms I experience are fatigue. I often struggle to get through the day energy wise and I am always tired. I have to sleep about 10 hours a night to function the next day, and 12 to feel at my best. I also suffer from gastroparesis and dysmotility (my stomach has difficultly moving food along the digestive tract), this causes severe nausea, vomiting, and stomach pains. I use a J tube for feedings overnight when I am unable to keep anything down. I also experience chronic musculoskeletal pain in my legs, arms, shoulders, back and neck that range many where from a 3 to 6 on a pain scale at any given moment. In addition, I also have a chronic migraine headache that has not gone away since roughly 2008. Most of time the headache sits at about a 2 or 3 on the pain scale and I am able to ignore it, but often times it spikes. I have had problems with my heart as a child, and various other issues throughout the years.

There is no known cure for Mitochondrial Disease and it is a degenerative illness that overall, will only get worse with time. And there also is very little research being done as the illness is relatively rare. I am mostly here to raise awareness as Sept 14th- 20th is international Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week! So AMA!


If anyone is interesting in donating to mito research I will just leave this here:

EDIT: Hey everyone, thanks so much for all the support and questions! I'm getting a little tired now, so I'm going to go take a nap. But I will be back in a little while to answer more questions! Thank you all so much for asking such great questions and helping me raise awareness.

EDIT 2: Wow thanks guys, my brother told me we made it to the front page earlier! Thanks so much for helping me raise awareness for my disease. It means soooo much to me. And thank you for whoever gave me the gold, it's so kind of you! I'm going to keep doing my best to answer your questions. You guys are asking some really great ones!!

EDIT 3: Ok, I'm off to bed now everyone, I'm pretty knackered now. But I will continue to answer all of your wonderful questions in the morning! So keep them coming reddit, you're doing wonderfully. Good night.

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I am Olympic cycling silver medalist, and eating disorder survivor, Dotsie Bausch. lets rock this! What do you want to know? I found cycling late in life, at the age of 26, and used it is one of my vehicles for healing from a life threatening eating disorder. It has been a wild journey and one I am so thankful for. On my route to the Olympic podium I suffered debilitating back pain from sciatica. After taking upwards of 1000 mg of ibuprophen daily to manage the pain so I could train, I found SpiderTech tape, which is kinesiology tape that is 100% drug free pain relief and my liver was very happy about this:-) Find me at and @dotsiebausch and @spidertech. To understand more about Spidertech tape and how it can help you visit: ASK ME ANYTHING, literally.

ok peeps. Its been fun. Thanks for all of the intriguing questions. Til next time. DB

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We are game developers for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Ask us anything. Hello, Reddit! This is Mike de Plater (Director of Design) and Mike Forgey (Executive Producer), part of the team at Monolith behind Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Ask us anything! We'll be answering as many questions as possible - avoiding spoilers of course - from 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. PT.


Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is a new story set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and begins on the night of Sauron's return to Mordor, as his Black Captains brutally execute the Rangers of the Black Gate. You'll take on the role of Talion, a Ranger who loses his family and everything he holds dear, only to be returned from death by a mysterious Spirit of Vengeance. Through the game's innovative Nemesis System, every enemy encountered is procedurally generated and distinctly unique to each player, from appearance, to personality type, to strengths and weaknesses. For more information on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor or to pre-order the game, visit

Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor comes out in the Americas on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC/Steam Sept. 30, and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 18.

EDIT: Hey guys, gotta run, but thank you all for the great questions! See you on September 30th!

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IamA Human Guinea Pig Getting the Newest Ebola Vaccine AMA! There's a lot of down time waiting for the vaccine to get here, and then I'll be under observation for 3 hours after so I figured "why not."

I just got the vaccine at 8:58am EST.

I have been supplementing my income by participating as a healthy volunteer for studies at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD over the last year. I started doing fMRI studies with the NIMH. I've gotten more adventurous lately and managed to get accepted into this fairly high profile study. I am the 13th human to receive this particular vaccine of the first 20-person cohort and the 3rd to receive the highest dose.

Here is a report that mentions this exact study..

My Proof

Update 1: just got my vitals checked and the bandaid pulled. I'm still normal and that bandaid was the worst pain I've experienced all day.

Update 2: goodbye inbox and thanks for the gold! I learned about how to keep my diary and have to report symptoms based on their scale of "mild, moderate, or severe" where mild isn't enough to mess with my day-to-day, but severe is "incapacitating." I can report the latter after I get treatment.

Update 3: I've been released back into the general population. Still no symptoms. I have to go to work now, but I'll be back after 8 or so my time. I also got some sweet swag that I'll post when I get home. Thank you all for my Reddit glory!

Last Update (for now): I'm home and back with Odysseus and a real keyboard for the first time all day. I'm going to answer some more questions before going to bed. Its almost 12 hours since I got the vaccine. I feel like I just had a 12 hour day at work, which I pretty much did. The arm I got the shot in is ever so slightly tender but other than that I'm just tired.

Here's the VRC swag I got. That's about all I have to report. I'll update this if something major happens, but otherwise I'll check back in with a new AmA in 28 days, so keep a lookout!

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I'm Justin Long and I'm lonely...let's talk...please I really enjoy writing bios. And watching erotic costume dramas This one time I made a movie about a man who tries to turn another man into a walrus. It comes out this Friday. Please do see it (if you like that sort of thing) - it's called "Tusk". If you don't believe me, here's the trailer....

Let's chat, world!

Hi guys - I have to get going but I am hooked on Reddit! Thank you all!

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