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New soundtrack Trials of the Blood Dragon

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Thu, 23 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
PoliticsIamA Greens Senator - AMA about digital rights or anything really Hey all - thanks for playing and sorry I didn't get to all the good stuff. Fun and provocative as always. Signing off for now.

I'm Scott Ludlam, a Western Australian Greens Senator; we've got just over a week until the election and I think its time we talked about digital rights. This is the initiative we just launched: - Will give priority to questions about things internet but if you have a burning question about anything else, will try to give it a go.

4:30pm Western Australia, 6:30pm Australian Eastern

me rn

Thu, 23 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
RetailIamA bra fitter at a chain of bra stores. AMA! My short bio: I started in my store as a sales associate, and have completed a bra fitting training program. I have worked through crazy seasons (Christmas!) and also insanely slow periods, where the store might be empty for hours. I've fitted all sorts of boobs, and am a wee bit of a bra nerd! AMA!

My Proof:

EDIT: everyone should know about /r/abrathatfits They are very helpful, knowledgeable, and full of bra suggestions :)

Thu, 23 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
GamingWe are Veteran Video Game Developers at Hyperkinetic Studios - Ask Us Anything! Edit: We'll be answering questions quickly for the rest of the day. We love sharing our knowledge, this has been a ton of fun. We all worked on Spider-Man 2 and I worked on Medal of Honor 2010 if you have any questions about those projects as well.

Hi, we are Dave Padilla, Tomo Moriwaki, and Rich Bisso, the co-founders of Hyperkinetic Studios, an indie game development studio based in Culver City, CA. We all worked together about 12 years ago at Treyarch, and our paths eventually brought us to where we are currently at. We have spent the last few years working on projects for clients, but finally made the plunge to start working on our game late last year. We would love to share any insight that we have on starting up a studio, making games that you love, and everything in between. Proof: The Kickstarter for our first original game, Epic Tavern, is also active in case anyone would like to check it out:

Thu, 23 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
BusinessI created a startup that helps people pay off their student loans. AMA! Hi! I’m Andy Josuweit. I graduated from college in 2009 with $74,000 in debt. Then, I defaulted, causing my debt to rise to $104,000. I tried to get help but there just wasn’t a single, reliable resource I felt that I could trust. It was very frustrating. So, in 2012 I founded Student Loan Hero. Our free tools, calculators, and guides are helping 80,000+ borrowers manage and eliminate over $1 billion dollars in student loan debt. AMA!

My Proof:

Update: You guys are awesome! Over 1k comments and counting! Unfortunately (though I really wish I could!), I can’t get to all your questions. Instead, I recommend signing up for a free Student Loan Hero account where you can get customized repayment advice and find answers to your student loan questions. Click here to sign up for free.

I will be wrapping this up at 5 pm EST.

Update #2: Wow, I'm blown away (and pretty exhausted). It's 5 pm ET so we're going to go ahead and wrap this up. Thanks to everyone for asking questions!

Wed, 22 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
Actor / EntertainerI’m Tommy Chong, half of Cheech & Chong, founder of Chong’s Choice & 78 yr old comedian, director, writer, activist, dancer, and I forget the rest…AMA! Hey Reddit, it’s great to be back and doing another AMA! We’re going through a huge heat wave in LA so this is great because it’s keeping me indoors. I will be accepting adoption requests through this AMA and I hope you know that you are all part of Papa Chong's family already.

I recently turned 78 years old, and I threw a party with free weed for everyone. It’s true that if you smoke enough weed throughout your lifetime that you’ll forget to grow old. And these days pot has got me feeling younger than ever. Recently I was the voice of Reddit's new mobile app video, my character Yax in “Zootopia" became a fan favorite and the movie went on to earn over a BILLION dollars this year, I’ve been touring with Cheech, tweeting, reposting amazing art from my fans on my social media, had an app reach #1 in the App Store, testing lots of weed, oh and I beat cancer for the second time.

Chong’s Choice has launched in dispensaries to great success, and will be in over 200 legal dispensaries by the end of the month. I had no idea you could get stoners to work this hard. Currently our success makes Chong’s Choice one of the top performing legal cannabis brands in the world. We’ve also been receiving tons of buzz for our design and attention to the quality of the medicine. I personally test every batch, product, and I almost smoked it all before it made it on the shelves.

The legal cannabis industry is growing so fast, and the progress we’ve made to legalization is amazing. I keep hearing people saying that the industry is in the middle of our “Pot Com” or a “Green Rush.” I love to hear this. It is what I’ve fought for my entire life as an activist and I knew we’d get here. Currently half of the United States is medically legal and Ohio became the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana just last week! That means we’re halfway there and it’s highly likely that a Federal decision will be coming soon to make a huge reversal of the unjust laws which criminalized marijuana in the first place. The news around the country and the world is incredible. A city in Colorado recently announced they’re using $1.5 million in legal Cannabis tax revenues to help the homeless. It’s amazing and surreal to be seeing this all happen and a dream come true. It is important to point out though that the DEA still categorizes Marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. Pot is still placed in the same category as the most hardcore substances despite all of our amazing progress.

Cheech & Chong is myself and my comedy partner Cheech Marin. Over the last four decades we have released albums, movies and toured the world. We are credited as pioneers of the legalization of marijuana and the popularizers of cannabis in pop culture. I directed Up In Smoke, Cheech & Chong’s Next Movie, Nice Dreams, Still Smoking, Far Out Man and The Corsican Brothers.

You can see more info about Chong’s Choice, my new national cannabis line, at My new podcast will be released this Wednesday on For more info about my vaporizer, the TC-1, go to My Instagram is @heytommychong, my twitter is @tommychong and I’ll be around for a while so let’s hang out man.


Wed, 22 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
Actor / EntertainerHello! I'm comedian Bo Burnham. My new special, 'Make Happy', is out on Netflix. AMA. Hello there! Thanks for having me. I'm a comedian. I just released a new special here.


edit: Thank you for all the lovely questions! It was great talking with you guys. Have a good summer!

Tue, 21 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
AcademicI'm helping parents and teachers who do calculus with 5 year olds (and other math adventures). AMA! Hi Reddit, I am Dr. Maria Droujkova, founder of Natural Math. It is a network of parents, teachers, and authors. Our goal is to help people make their own useful, beautiful, and joyful mathematics. We play and have adventures, like making calculus accessible to young children. Ask me anything!

You might have seen my interview for The Atlantic: And its discussion here on Reddit:

My Proof: Photo: Video from SparkCon:

Update: Thank you everybody for wonderful questions, stories you shared, and answers to others. I will be back tomorrow to look at the rest of the questions.

Tue, 21 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
PoliticsHi Reddit, I’m Tim Canova. I’m challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the Democratic primary for Florida’s 23rd Congressional district. AMA! Proof

I’m a law professor and longtime political activist who decided to run against Congresswoman Schultz due to her strong support of the TPP and her unwillingness to listen to her constituents about our concerns. The TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) would have disastrous effects on our middle class while heavily benefitting the super-wealthy. There are many other ways that Congresswoman Schultz has failed her constituents, including her support of payday loan companies and her stance against medical marijuana. I am also a strong Bernie Sanders supporter, and not only have I endorsed him, I’m thrilled that he has endorsed me as well!

Our campaign has come a long way since I announced in January— we have raised over 2 million dollars, and like Bernie Sanders, it’s from small donors, not big corporations. Our average donation is just $17. Please help us raise more to defeat my opponent here.

The primary is August m30th, but early voting starts in just a few short weeks— so wem need as many volunteers around the country calling and doing voter ID. This let’s us use our local resources to canvass people face-to-face. Please help us out by going here.

Thank you for all your help and support so far! So now, feel free to ask me anything!

Tim Canova

Edit: Thanks everyone so much for all your great questions. I'm sorry but I’ve got to go now. Running a campaign is a never-ending task, everyday there are new challenges and obstacles. Together we will win.

Please sign up for our reddit day of action to phone bank this Thursday:

Thank you again reddit.
In solidarity, Tim

Mon, 20 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
AuthorI'm Justin Cronin, author of New York Times bestselling The Passage trilogy, concluding with The City of Mirrors, out now - AMA! Hello, Reddit,

My name is Justin Cronin, author of The Passage, The Twelve and the recently published, The City of Mirrors. I'll be answering questions from 11am EST and will try to get to as many as I can.

Do, by all means, ask me anything. I will try and answer as many of us as I can.

My proof:

Edit: Thanks folks! That has to be all for now, about to fall over from jet lag. It's Miller time.

Mon, 20 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
HealthIamA person with a rare genetic disorder that makes my right leg grow disproportionately. Currently, my right leg weighs about 100kgs (220lb) and it continues to grow, AMA! My short bio: Hello,

I am Arun Rajasingh from Chennai and is suffering from a rare genetic disorder which has caused my right leg to weigh about 100kgs. I need the help of fellow human beings and I am willing to answer the questions that they would have.I was leading a close to normal life despite of my oversized leg until 5 years back. Since then, I am confined to a room and mobility is very difficult due to my oversized right leg.

Even this this disorder, I managed to complete engineering in a college 700km away from home and now I run my own IT firm - Kenriche Technologies

I have got a fully customized wheelchair some days back (thanks to the GoFundMe campaign) but now I am hoping for a modified vehicle which will help me move around and thus, improve my business. I am currently working only from home as mobility is a big problem and I feel that if I am able to move around, I will be able to get my business to another height and excel in that field.

I Would like to have an AMA session. Thanks for reading.

Here are some news articles that cover my story :



Yahoo! India

My Proof:



I have a GoFundMe campaign here which you can visit to read more details about me and there is also a campaign organized by Milaap here. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you would want to ask!

Mon, 20 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
HealthIamA Face Transplant Recipient AMA! Edit- added a public album and links to other things and my old AMA

My name is Mitch Hunter, I did an AMA a few years back and decided to update my fellow redditors on my progress. I have healed quite well over the last few years and most people can hardly tell I even had a face transplant.

All the sensation in my face is back 100% and it feels awesome! I have recently been on local news in many cities, BBC Live Radio, and Good Morning Britain.

I could type forever but this is an AmA so ask away and like last time, I will answer every question you have! - first ama with more explanation

Someone photoshop/meme my pics, I wanna see your creativity! - verified blue checkmar

Sat, 18 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
GamingI am a software engineer who quit my day job to build a fantasy MMORPG. AMA! Hello!

I am the sole developer of the fantasy massively multiplayer online game Aberoth. I had dreamed of making an MMORPG since the early days of the internet. After many years of dreaming, I finally got off my butt and started working on one in my free time. I released the first version in 2010, and have continually updated and expanded the game over the years since then. Aberoth was released on Steam in July, 2015.

The game has always been a side project, and I was never able to put the time into it that I wanted to. At the end of April, I quit my day job of nearly 18 years as a software engineer in the healthcare industry to work full time on Aberoth.

Ask me anything!

Proof I am the developer:

Proof I quit my day job: Note the frequency and size of Aberoth updates starting in May.

Edit: I am going to take a break for a few hours. I will be back later tonight, though, to answer the questions I have not answered yet, and to answer new questions, so keep asking!

Edit2: I am back to answer more questions.

Edit3: All right, I am done for the day. Thanks everyone for the questions. I will still check back every once in a while to answer any new questions, so feel free to ask. Thanks again!

Sat, 18 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
OtherIamA Female Corrections Officer... AMA I have been a C.O. for a little over three years in a facility that houses both men and women. I have worked every aspect of the facility from regular Housing Unit Officer to Transportation to working in Solitary Confinement. I've also done stints in the infirmary and the psych side.

My intent for this AMA is to show that a majority of Corrections Officers are not the fat, lazy, corrupt bullies that movies and popular television shows portray us as. We are actually the heroes that keep the most awful people safe from each other.

My Proof: Verified by Mods

Sat, 18 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT
TechnologyWe are activists fighting for Net Neutrality in Europe. AUA! About us:

After huge victories in India and the US, now it's Europe's turn to fight for net neutrality! We are a group of digital rights experts leading the fight. We can explain how net neutrality works in Europe, why this fight matters, and how you can help.

Our current law is full of loopholes. This summer, it's up to the European telecoms regulators, BEREC, to interpret that law. Their decision could make or break net neutrality.

We need a huge response from netizens supporting net neutrality, or else we’ll be drowned out by lobbyists. Your support is invaluable, and only takes a minute or two:

message our regulators at

We are:

  • Thomas Lohninger, AKVorrat
  • Joe McNamee, European Digital Rights
  • Estelle Massé, AccesNow
  • Rejo Zenger, Bits of Freedom
  • Agnès de Cornulier, La Quadrature du Net

We will start answering questions at 14:00 PM CEST / 8:00 AM EST, and we'll stick around for at least two hours.

UPDATE: Wow, the response has been great. We'll stick around a while longer. So keep the questions coming! ;)

UPDATE#2: Our US partners from Fight For the Future are joining soon. They can help explain this to American redditors as the west coast wakes up.

We also point to our Day of Action the Internet Slowdown day on 28. June. Check it out at !

UPDATE#3: We are signing off for today. But it was real fun with you guys, let's do this again. Please participate in the consultation on, it only takes 1 minute. Our friends from Fight For the Future will be around for a while longer, but its getting late in Europe.

For a good overview of the current EU debate, check out this Article from Vice.

Our proof: here, here, here and here.

Fri, 17 Jun 2016 0:00:00 EDT