Top Reddit IAmA's The latest IAmA's collected from Reddit IAmA survivor of a double-lung organ transplant and stage 4 cancer. I also happen to be 17 years old. AMA! Hello, reddit! I recently joined reddit and I get a lot of questions about my situation IRL, so I thought maybe you guys would be interested too! I was born with a rare and terminal lung disease called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) and it eventually got bad enough that I needed to be listed for a double-lung transplant. After a year of waiting on the list, I received my transplant at the age of 14.

About 6 months after the transplant, I started having severe stomach and back pain. At first my doctors shrugged it off as medicine-related pain, but when it got so bad that I physically could not get out of bed, they decided to hospitalize me. While hospitalized, I learned I had stage 4 of a specialized kind of non-hodkin's lymphoma that only happens after organ transplants called Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disease (PTLD). I was 15 years old at the time of diagnosis.

I had to go to live in a different state for 8 months to receive my treatment due to there being no specialists in my state or even any of the states surrounding mine. As you can imagine, this was very difficult for me.

When I received my first chemo treatment, all seemed to go well. I lost my hair, however, that was something to be expected. But about a week after I got the treatment, I started having extreme stomach pain (again!). They thought it was nausea from the chemo at first, but after a few days of me suffering in a morphine-haze, they finally opened me up. Turns out I had 10+ large intestinal perforations. For those who don't know, that means I had over 10 holes in my intestines and my liquid fecal matter was free floating around my abdominal cavity. During the surgery to fix this, the lead surgeon called my mom and asked whether or not she wanted him to proceed with the operation because he did not think I would survive. She said yes and so he finished it up. I won't go into too much detail, but after the surgery I went into septic shock and also developed a fungal infection, all whilst possessing about zero immune system. I spent a total of 3 months in the hospital, half of which was in the ICU. It was pretty much a miracle I survived.

I had to have a temporary ostomy bag for 6 months to allow my intestines to heal. (The ostomy bag would break sometimes, especially during the nightime. Nothing quite like being 15 years old and waking up drenched in your own liquid shit.) Since I was getting my treatment at a hospital far away from home and in a very expensive city, my mother and I had to live in a tiny studio apartment. It was super hard and I actually don't remember much from that period of time since I was so traumatized I repressed most of the memories. I suppose that was a good thing.

Lastly, after I had my operation to reverse my ostomy, there was a medical error and they gave me too many fluids, resulting me in developing Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. I was on the vent for 5 days and they weren't sure if I'd make it. Despite this trauma to my (transplanted) lungs, I still have above average lung function today. I also had to do an entire year of physical therapy because one of the chemo meds totally fucked up my leg nerves and I was forced to relearn how to walk.

It's been a crazy journey, and a challenging one, but it's been worth it. I am alive and healthy today and for that I am forever grateful. I just finished my first full year of school since the 4th grade and even finished the semester with a 4.0. I'm a year behind peers my age in school (I just finished sophomore year) because I had to take a year off for the cancer, but that sure doesn't stop me. I have big plans for the future and nothing will get in the way of them!

Proof: My scars and certificate of completion of chemo.

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Other-LiveIamA wine consultant. AMA about wine! My short bio: Hey everyone! So, currently I am a fellow working in client development for an awesome Chicago based wine company that does in home parties, individualized wine programs, and fights the daily battle to get pretention the fuck out of wine. I've worked all over the board in the wine industry, from retail to bartending to distribution. I also did another AMA on this a number of years ago if you want to check that out.

So, yeah, ask me literally anything you ever wanted to know about wine!

My Proof:

EDIT: I'm taking a break for a bit guys. Be back on in a few more hours to answer the rest of your questions. And if you're in Chicago and need wine, please feel free to send me a message. :)

EDIT 2: Man, I leave for a couple hours and y'all push this to the front page? Holy crap! You are all the best! I'll also be home and answering all the questions I can by 5pm CST, so keep them coming if you got questions.

EDIT 3: Hey everyone. At this point I'm going to call it a day. This was so much fun and since so many people had questions, I think I might make this a fairly regular thing. So, if I didn't hit your question this time or if you have any more questions about Linux and Windows, I'll try my best to get to them next time. Also, I may just answer some stuff on and on from here every now and again.

You all freaking rock! And remember, the best wine in the world is the one you like best!

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TechnologyWe're Eric Migicovsky + the Makers of Pebble Wearables, AUA Thanks, y'all! We will keep coming back to pick at more questions, and also consolidate the separate AMA threads—sorry for that confusion!

Hello, reddit!

I’m Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky (/u/erOhead), here with the crew behind Pebble wearables on Kickstarter (/u/TeamPebble, /u/solomonomolos, /u/pebble-andrew, /u/_cathaines, /u/katieberry, /u/pebble-rahul, /u/sarfata).

We launched the fitness-focused, infinitely hackable Pebble core ultra-wearable and two new smartwatches (Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2) on Kickstarter today, and can't wait to do an IAmA discussing the news!

We’ll be answering as many questions as we can at 4:00 PM ET and continue occasionally after we wrap up around 5:30 PM ET.

Proof: Eric + Team Pebble

To keep in touch after the AMA, subscribe to r/Pebble, follow our Snapchat story, Tweet us, Instagram us, or hit us on the Book of Faces.

For the older AMA Thread that broke midway:

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AuthorIamA guy who writes for a bit and wrote most of a book about fairies turning into monsters. AMA. I've written about fifteen articles for Cracked. Some of them are kind of successful, others completely bomb like this one. I've got a few more coming too.

Also that book is Forust: A Tale of Magic Gone Wrong and it's about two fairy sisters that have to save their village after everyone turns into monsters.

My Proof:


But I'll be back tomorrow, so please keep asking questions so that I have a good supply of questions to answer when I return!

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GamingWe are game designers that made a cross between a video game and a board game, ask us anything! We are Studio Wumpus, four indie game designers with master's degrees from NYU.

For the past 16 months we have been working full time on Sumer, a board game-inspired strategy video game. We started out with the idea to explore the space between digital and tabletop, and ended up making this completely new kind of game. Sumer has the action and fast pace of video games but the elegant strategy and feel of modern board games.

Sumer will come out on Steam Early Access this summer, and if our Kickstarter funds successfully we'll take on the challenge of adding online multiplayer.

We’ll all be answering questions at different points tonight:

Geoffrey Suthers

Josh Raab

Misha Favorov

Sigursteinn ‘Sig’ Gunnarsson


Thanks for great questions everyone! It's getting late (especially in Iceland) so we'll probably call it a night. But we'll continue answering any questions we receive tomorrow.

Our Proof:: More Proof:

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PoliticsI am Solomon Kahn, Harvard Fellow, visualizer of who gives money to US federal politicians. Ask me where your politician raises money from, and I'll show you using my newly launched visualization. AMA! My short bio: I'm Solomon Kahn, fellow at the Harvard University Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, former fellow at the Safra Center For Ethics. I've built a super powerful tool to explore who gives money to federal politicians, and it just launched to the public!

Ask me about where your Senators and Congresspeople raise their money from, and I will show you.

You can also play around with the visualization yourself here:, and if you're interested in staying updated on the project, you can join our mailing list here, or follow along on twitter.

My Proof:,,,,

Edit: There's some pretty powerful functionality that isn't immediately clear to some people. Click on any of the legend items to see the companies that make up that total. Click on any company to see the individual donations. Click on any rectangle in the main chart to see subsectors. If you find something interesting, click on the 'User Submissions' link, let us know, and we'll work to get it in front of journalists. Enjoy!

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ArtI am Josiah "Jazza" Brooks, professional YouTuber (600k+ subs), artist, animator and author AMA! This AMA is now closed, thanks so much for attending everyone, I hope you found it a positive experience! Sorry I couldn't answer everyone (I TRIED!), you guys are awesome. Much love - Jazza

My short bio: I've been creating cartoons for the internet since I was 12 years old, when I graduated high school at 17 I just kept making cartoons and games in flash and paid my way through sponsorship and advertisement revenue. My early flash games were some of the first to be monetized and saw the scene boom then die when the iOS app store took hold of the market.

I started my YouTube channel Draw With Jazza in the hopes that it might grow into a way to help pay my bills, since the flash game scene was falling fast and it was, at the time, the only way I knew how to pay my bills. I used it as a way to teach my self-taught digital art techniques, and the channel grew into a 600k+ sub community with monthly art competitions, meet-ups around the world, and loads of artistic entertainment and educational content.

I'm currently finishing up my first How-to-Draw book for print-publishing in the USA (and international distribution), my channel is officially sponsored by Adobe, and I work with some of the (IMHO) best art brands in the world for my art competitions and content. I'm also finishing a 10 minute animated short which was funded by Screen Australia and Google entitled "The Tale Teller" (to be released in mid July this year).

I'm also a dad to a now 13 month old boy (dubbed 'mini-Jazza' to the internet), married happily, and working on even bigger exciting projects I can't yet talk about!

My channel:

My Vlog:

My 'Draw my Life' (to share a little more about myself):

My Website:

My Proof:

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Actor / EntertainerWe’re Alex Stypula and Tim Ross: Two stand up comics preparing to do a week-long tour of unconventional performance spaces prior to Alex recording his debut stand up album. Ask us anything. We’re two Pittsburgh comedians going around the midwest under the moniker of The Short Stacks tour. Here’s some cool ass artwork designed by Eric Mrock:

We’ve both been doing comedy for five years and started around the same time. We’ve gone on the road with a group of other stand ups under the name Race to the Coffin Comedy. We’ve done festivals and bars and clubs and even a warehouse used to roast coffee beans or something like that I’m not certain tbh I was very very drunk at that show.

You can see some of Alex’s comedy here:

You can see some of Tim’s comedy here:

(Or here. Tim isn’t actually a minister. That’s another way more fuckin’ famous guy:

If you’re a frequent reddit user you may have seen Tim on /r/standupshots putting his own words on his own picture like this:

I made Alex Stypula make one like three years ago:

Alex’s twitter is and Tim’s is

The dates for the tour are:

June 3 - Detroit MI: New Way Bar in Ferndale. Doors at 8. Show at 9
June 4 - Flint MI at Vehicle City Fest. (More info later)
June 5 - Kent OH: Stone Tavern 5pm.
June 6 - Louisville KY: 8pm. (Updating later. Either a house show or an art gallery)
June 7 - Knoxville TN: Casual Pint- Hardin Valley. 7PM
June 8 - Chattanooga TN: Comedy Catch 8PM
June 9 - Indianapolis IN: Indy Hostel 7pm
June 10 - Columbus OH: Broken Records and Beehives 8PM
June 11 - Pittsburgh PA: Alex records his album at Club Cafe 10PM

The tour is gonna be a lot of fun intimate rooms. If you’re in any of these cities come hang out and get really drunk with us and if you want to bring us drugs that’s fine too.

Ask us anything about comedy or touring or kim davis


Sat, 21 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT
BusinessI am Johnny Jett of the Barnwood Builders on DIY Network TV. Ask Me Anything. Clarification: I am Johnny Jetts grandson typing his responses as they are said by him. Ask us anything. Proof

Edit: gonna call it a night. Thanks Reddit for your questions. Tune in to Barnwood builders tomorrow night at 9 on DIY network also check out my website

Sat, 21 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT
OtherI’m Chris Voss. I've worked over 150 international kidnapping negotiations for the FBI. Now I provide negotiation training to Fortune 500 companies. My first book "Never Split The Difference" is out this week from HarperBusiness. Hi Reddit! I’m Chris Voss, the founder and CEO of The Black Swan Group, a consulting firm that provides training and advises Fortune 500 companies through complex negotiations. Rooted in hostage negotiation, my methodology centers around “Black Swans” small pieces of information that have a huge effect on an outcome. I currently teach at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. I’ve also lectured at other schools including Harvard Law School the MIT Sloan School of Management, and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. I’ve been a guest on CNN and Fox News, and I’ve appeared on The Daily Show, Anderson Cooper 360, and NPR.

Before all of these fun things, I was the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI, where I tried out all kinds of new approaches in negotiation. I was involved in more than 150 international kidnapping cases in my over two decades with the FBI, and I learned that hostage negotiation is more or less a business transaction. Just this week I released a book called Never Split the Difference, where I distill the skills I've gathered over my career into usable tips that will give the reader the competitive edge in any discussion—whether in the boardroom, at the dinner table, or at the car dealership.

Everything we’ve previously been taught about negotiation is wrong: you are not rational; there is no such thing as ‘fair’; compromise is the worst thing you can do; the real art of negotiation lies in mastering the intricacies of No, not Yes. These surprising ideas—which radically diverge from conventional negotiating strategy—weren’t cooked up in a classroom, but are the field-tested rules FBI agents use to talk criminals and hostage-takers around the world into (or out of) just about any imaginable scenario.

Ask me about how men and women negotiate differently, how to navigate sticky family situations, negotiating as a parent, advice for recent graduates, stories from my time in the FBI, or even how to get past a bouncer into a busy club. AMA!

You can also learn more about me at

Proof: here

Thank you everyone! Thank you for taking the time to interact with me! It's been fun to be on here! Please feel free to check out the book or my website. All the best!

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ScienceHi, I'm Dr. Dante Shepherd, chemical engineering professor and creator of the webcomic "Surviving the World", a.k.a. the guy in the labcoat by the chalkboard. AMA! EDIT: Okay folks, this has been fun answering questions for about 10 hours, but I'm going to call it a day. If you like my comics, keep up with STW, follow on Twitter, and please check out the Kickstarter we've got going to create a giant page-a-day collection of STW! Thanks, everyone! Sweet dreams and harmless nightmares.

Hello all! I'm Dante Shepherd, and you probably know me best from Surviving the World, the daily chalkboard photocomic in which I wear a labcoat and pretend to be a bloviating professor, that I've been making for almost eight years now! I also write another weekly webcomic with artist Joan Cooke, called PhD Unknown, which is three years old today!

In my real life, I'm a chemical engineering professor at Northeastern University (non-pseudonym name: Lucas Landherr), where my engineering education research tries to make science comics that can be used in undergraduate and/or K-12 classrooms, as well as trying to make experiment modules that can be used by STEM educators.

Right now I have a STW Kickstarter going to make Surviving the World page-a-day calendars with the help of Topatoco - the calendars will be full color, huge, and contain lots of bonus jokes on every page!

I plan on hanging out here for a dang long while, so feel free to ask me about STW, comics, engineering, science, velociraptors, graduate school, or whatever else you'd like!

Thanks, all!


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MedicalIamA LASIK specialist. I make life better for people by reducing their need for glasses or contact lenses. AMA! Lance Kugler, MD will begin answering questions on May 20, 2016 at noon and will end today.

**My short bio: Ophthalmology provides a tremendous opportunity to allow people live life to the fullest! Laser vision correction is my specialty and am passionate about using today’s most advanced technology to improve lives. I brought the latest state-of-the-art LASIK and cataract surgery technology to Nebraska at Kugler Vision. I also serve as Director of Refractive Surgery for the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where I'm in charge of resident education and research programs to advance the field of laser vision correction.

My Proof: ***More Proof!!:

***Disclaimer Even though Lance Kugler, MD of this IamA is medical professional, you are taking his advice at your own risk. This IamA is not a replacement for seeing a physician. If you have any concerns please be sure to follow up with your LASIK specialist if you’d like more information. A reply does not constitute a physician/patient relationship.

Fri, 20 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT
OtherFrom Methadone manufacturer to Marijuana advocate. I’m Stephen Goldner, ask me anything! My short bio: My name is Stephen Goldner and I have had a long and interesting career in the pharmaceutical industry. My whole career has revolved around drugs. I have studied them, diagnosed them, identified them, written about them and won over 240 FDA approvals for drugs and related devices. I started out working as Supervisor Forensic Toxicologist at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, New York City. Amongst the 18,000 autopsies where I performed and supervised the toxicology evaluations, a large number of deaths were caused by inappropriate use of drugs, bad drugs or drug wars.

I co-founded 2 start ups and sold them three years later. One was focused on a process I developed - a safe way to prescribe and consume methadone which revolutionized the use of methadone and which got hundreds of thousands of people off heroin and out of a life of crime. The other was based around urinary testing for drugs - which I also discovered.

Since then I have worked for two Pharma companies helping them get FDA approvals for drugs, including serving as FDA Advisor to the NIH.

I am the founding Chairman of the USA CannabisLaboratory Standards Setting Committee and the USA Cannabis Clinical Trials Standards Setting Committee. Both of these are run under the auspices of the Foundation Of Cannabis Unified Standards (FOCUS) which is is the first and only national organization in the United States to develop accredited quality and safety based cannabis standards.

Throughout my career I have worked at all levels of the pharmaceutical business to better peoples lives. I have given TED talks and have spoken at the UN UNGASS meeting on drug policy. I am using my knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry to set up marijuana based businesses.

edit: I have also created a new Marijuana based drug that I am currently looking for investors for. The pill is a revolutionary treatment for pain that is fast acting and nonaddictive. Ask me about the development process and how I am trying to get funding.

edit: Thank you for the questions everyone. I'm leaving for now but will try to answer any questions you leave here later on.

edit: My website where you can contact me

My Proof: Urinalysis Paper: TED Talk: Law School Article: Regulatory Affairs Associates Website: Twitter:

Fri, 20 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT
OtherWe are the creators of the campaign to secure bathroom breaks for poultry workers (#GiveThemABreak) AMA! Edited: We're done for the day! Thank you all for your great questions. Find out how you can join our campaign here:

Did you see all the news reports about poultry workers being denied bathroom breaks at work? That was us.

Oliver Gottfried is a Senior Advocacy and Collaborations Advisor at Oxfam America. Magaly Licolli is the Executive Director of the Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center which works with low wage workers in Northwest Arkansas, including poultry processing workers. Together, we're leading the call for the top 4 poultry companies – Tyson, Pilgrim’s, Perdue, and Sanderson Farms, who together control 60% of the industry – to improve conditions for America’s 250,000 poultry processing workers.

We'll be taking your questions until 11AM about the horrible conditions poultry workers face across the US, including the routine denial of bathroom breaks, and our campaign to improve conditions for workers.

*Link to our report:

*Link to Oxfam petition to Big Poultry:

*Link to Northwest Arkansas Workers' Justice Center​ petition to Tyson in Arkansas:

*News coverage:

Join our campaign by posting on social media with the hashtag #GiveThemABreak!


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Director / CrewI am Daniel Sackheim. I'm a television director and producer. I directed episodes 3 and 4 of Game of Thrones Season 6. AMA. Hi everyone. Like the title says, I directed this seasons GoT episodes, Oathbreaker and Book Of The Stranger (603 and 604). I've also directed episodes for series like, The Leftovers, The Americans, The Walking Dead and The Man in the High Castle.

EDIT: That's all the time I have tonight everyone. Sorry I couldn't get to all your questions. Perhaps I can do it again at some point I hope you enjoy the rest of the season, it's a great one.

Thu, 19 May 2016 0:00:00 EDT